Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Review CocaCola cherry LIP SMACKER

So my first review will be about the CocoCola cherry (yes, the drink )Lip Smacker.
I already was a big fan of the drink itself, so I was ver exited about the lip smacker.
The Lip Smacker contains 4.0g (24 ml).
The price in most shops is £2.55 (1.99 euros)

This is what it looked like in the shop:

Here's a close-up of the package:

What i looks like without cap:

Smell 9.5/10:
I really love the smell! I can't put it away because I don't want to stop smelling it :0D.
Only thing I'm not shure about is if it really is the smell of cocacola cherry. In my opinion, it smells a bit like Dr. Pepper. The smell also doesn't last so long (for about 10 minutes), after that time it's less strong. But after supper I still could lightely smell it.  When I was testing, my sister came in to my rome, and she sad that in my room she could smell  the lip smacker clearly. So I guess it's a very strong smell. But that doesn't mean i'm not in love with it <3.

Design 8/10:

The design is stylefull, but it's also nothing special. It is shiny ans it has the CocaCola Logo.

Colour 7/10:

The smacker doesn't have a lot colour. It's like my lips but better. It darkens you lips out a bit, with no shimmer at all. But because lip smackers usually don't have colour, and in my opinion, the colour it has is fine, it's worth a 7.

Substance 8/10:

The substance is emulsive, and i love that. It doesn't repare my lips or something, but it just takes care that my lips stay pretty. I gives a good 'smack', so i'm happy :-).

Would I buy it again?:

Yes! I really love it, especcially the smell, I keep trying to smell my lips :0D.

Average 8.2/10:

I'm very happy with my lip smacker, and i think it's a good product. What do you think? Are you going to buy it/ Have you already buyed it? Leave a comment below!
Thanks for reading!

xXx LolLoveLife

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