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Review Catrice Cosmetics Limited Edition Neo Geisha Kohl Kajal C01

So today's review will be about Catrice cosmetics Limited edition Neo Geisha Kohl Kajal C01 Ultra black (that's a long name)!
When a saw this (huge!) kohl pencil in the store, I had to take it from myself ^-^
The price in most shops is $2,56 (€ 1,99).

The package says:
-Precise and smooth kohl pencil & hair stick            <--------- WTF? Hairstick?
  1.14 g/0.04 oz. - 24 m

After some research (googling :P)
I found out that hair stick means that you with just a few swift movements  can twist your hair around the pencil and put it up in a bun style. Nice? But i'm sure it's also handy to hide your kohl pencil for when you are at school. But i will be doing this review with a kohl pencil, so I'm not doing a review of the product as hairstick. Just that you know.
Special about this kohl pencil is that it's 19 cm (7.5 inches).

This is a photo from the website:

This is a swatch:
kohl kajal pencil neo geisha

This is what it looks like in real life:
 The pencil tip:

Design 10/10:
The most important reason i bought this pencil because of the design. It has a seriously lenght, and a detailed gold design at 1/2. The design looks professional and smooth, and I love playing with the pencil <{^-^}> .

Colour 8/10:
If a swatch this pencil, it's a very deep (beautiful) black. On my eyelids it has the same colour. After dinner, the swatch on my hand got a little vage, but on my eyelid it was stil the same. I usually use liquid/gel liners for my lid, and i use kohl pencils for my waterline, so i also lined my waterline. On my waterline it was still black, but lighter than the swatch and the 'lid-line',  and it even had som grey spots. After about half an hour i got some dark spots under the outer and inner corner of my eye (but I have that with every pencil, so it could be on my purpose). In my right eye the colour in the outer corner of my waterline was completely gone! After writing this review, my waterline wasn't black anymore, but just dark. The most colour was at my lower lash line, but I personally don't have a problem with that. So all with all it's worthet an 8, because waterlines are diffecult ;-).

Substance 9/10:
The substance is smooth and soft, so easy to work with. If you sharp this pencil good, it also will be presice. If you want to make it more vage, and you go over it with a swab or somthing it has a nice effect. The substance doesn't get a 10 because it isn't the best kohl-pencil-substance (is that a word? Doesn't matter, I like it).

Usage 9/10:
Due to the length of the kohl pencil, it's easy to use, and it feels good in your hand. Because it's smooth and soft, but with a precise tip it's easy to use. I recommend using it by pulling your eyelid back, so it's tightened, and than just draw a line in one movement.

Would I buy this again?
I don't know. I buyed this in sale, for just one euro, so it was pretty cheap (2 euros is also cheap, but you know what i mean, hopefully ^-^). It easy in usage, and it's a pretty colour, but there's, except for the design, nothing special about this kohl pencil. I know I gave pretty high marks, but it is, if I have to say it like this, pretty boring. But that doesn't mean it is no  good pencil. If your just looking for a basic, easy, black and funny kohl pencil, I would highly recommend this to you.

Average 9/10:
This is a pretty high average, and it's totally worth it. If you are just looking for a good pencil, this is something for you. It's just my fault i don't know if i would buy it again. Maybe it's just because I already have a lot of black kohl pencils ;0). What's your favourite kohl pencil? And would you buy/have you already bought this pencil? What do you think about it? Leave a comment below!

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