Thursday, 5 September 2013

5 things that not only happen to you :-)

Hi guys!
So today I decided i should be fun to share 5 annoying beauty things, that luckily not only happen to you!
Ready, set go!

Your applying your mascara, and don't have the volume and length you want. So you apply another coat. And another one. And another one. Okay, the last coat. Huh? How is that possible You Oh So flexible and seperated lashas turn in to combined unmovable clumps of lashes, and you only applied eight coats!

You just applied your nailpolish perfectly, using the most beautifull nail polish you have. To make sure nothing ruins your masterpiece, you decide to put some topcoat over it after it has completely dried. After five different topcoats, you are satisfied. But after ten minutes, you look at your nail agian and ('Say whaaat?) bubbles are popping up liked overcoocked popcorn in a pan. Damn, maybe a little bit less topcoat the next time! But secretly, you know you never are going to learn it.

Yes! After all your long hard work and saving, you finallly have the money to buy that amazing, beautifull, but super expensive eyeshadow. With a bouncing hart you walk in to the shop. Excited you walk to the place were the eyeshadow should be. You know exactly where it is, because you have looked atit so many times. Once you paid, you go home and carefully put the eyeshadow in your stash. The next morning, you are fnally daring enough to use it. You put it on your make-up counter, and start making a look. While you're sitting there, all happy and lucky, that one moment where you knock the eyeshadow of your desk, ruins your whole day. AAARGH!

Yes, yes,yes, we all have had had this,a at least one time in ou lives. Panda-eyes. Going to school, happy and healthy and stuff, but once on your way it starts raining. And not a little bit. It's like a serious flooding. And the worst thing, your carfully applied make-up literally washes away! Cotton swabs recommend ladies!

Summertime ladies! And that means we wan to give our legs some colour. And we aren't afraid to do a fake tan. But, if you don't do it carefully... You just applie your self tanner. Satesfied you fall asleep. Until four hours later. What's the time? *$(#^$# You fell asleep! Shocked you look at your hand. You look a combination between an oempaloempa and a carrot! Time for a heavy scrub-session!

So this were five things that happen to every one!
Let me please know in the commenst below which ones you recognized, and which ones I forgot!
Should I do another one?

xXx Imke

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