Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Essence metal glam and essence eyeshadow review!

Hi Guys!
So another review for today!
Have you also had that fase in your life where you felt like you had world's biggest obsession with everything glitter/sparkly?
Or do you just feel like you live in that fase?
Now, I'm pretty proud to say i'm in that fase now :-).
So today i'll be reviewing two sprakly budget essence eyeshadows in the shades 08 n'ice frosting and 03 starlight.

The Shadows:

    the packaging
    caps open! 
    the names (sorry for the crappy picture, but I forgot to make one with my other camera, so I quickly took a one with my IPad!)

08 n'ice frosting
Promise of essence:
  • eyeshadow with metallic texture for an intensive luminous effect. long-lasting.
Sadly, this beautifull-looking eyeshadow, is oversprayed, so i decided to take pictures without the overspray, so you can see what it looks like without the overspray, and not what it looks like in the shop. (you can still see the spray a little around the corner. First time using this product, I was amazed by the glitterness (that can't be a word, but it should be:-), but using it the second time, the most of it was gone. It was still there, but not as beautifull. I would recommend using this as a highlighter (browbone & inner eye corners). It is illuminating, and longlasting using eyeshadow base.

03 starlight
Promis of essence:
  • super soft & long-lasting eyeshadow

Yes, again a overspray. You can clearly see where I used it! I really don't like this. You think you have amazing sparkly eyeshadow, but it turns out to be a overspray. I get that essence is a budget brand, so they also have to keep the production budget, but still... Without the overspray swatching it, it looks a lot like 08 n'ice frosting. Just a sparkly highlighter. Without the spray, this, my dear ladies (and gentleman?), is a metallic eyeshadow (sound of shocked audience). But you can still use it if you are looking for a grey-ish highlighter.
Long-lasting using eyeshadow base, and super soft. Do not dare to drop this!

The swatches:
Left: 03 starlight Right: 08 n'ice frosting
    sunlight shining on it
    no sunlight shining on it

The Marks:

Pigmentation: 08: 7. Not outstanding, sparkly with a white-ish colour. And that overspray!
                        03: 6.8. If you are really good at recognizing colour, you wil see grey in this. Otherways, a little bit dull highlighter. But a good budget highlighter!

Packaging: 08: 8.2. Good job on the packaging essence! It kind of chique a little bit of a rose-gold/silver colour, and a plastic cap, so you can see the colour clearly. Simple and basic, just like we know essence. May look a little bit cheap, but I thinks it works!
                  03: 7. Basic and simple, but cheap-looking.

The average marks:
08 n'ice frosting: 7.6. I think the mark is a bit to high. Blame the spray!
03 starlight: 6.9. A good average, not to high, not to low. 

So i hoped you enjoyed!
xXx Imke

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