Monday, 2 September 2013

Personal Update

Hi Guys!
So since haven't posted personal blogpost yet,
I decided to do it today.
If you don't like personal stuff, please just skip this blogpost :-).

So, as (I think) nobody of you knows, I'm still in secondary school (which is like high school for you americanos). I'm not a native speaker, but I get English teached as the most important subject of my study. I'm Dutch, but I get every lesson except for the languages teached in English. Beside that, I'm also doing greek and Latin. In Holland, you get teached a lot of languages: Dutch, English, German and French. That are some reasons Why I have to study a lot, and I don't have Many time left. But I'm trying my best to post a blogpost everyday, except for the weekends. I hope you understand! Maybe you are thinking, if you don't have Many time, Why do you decide to upload a blogpost every day? The answer is, because I like it. I love making product pics (tough I'm still experimenting :-), and I love to write about my opinion. My blog is my passion. That sounds really deep and emotional, but it's just how I feel about it. I know I sound crazy since my blog as at most four views a day, but I don't mind that, and I just keep writing for the people that do read my blog.

So enough of thatb emotianal shit, let's head over to the good stuff. :-) It was my birthday at 22-08 !!! It feels great to be older. Actually I keep thinking about the use of birthdays. You actually just get a day older, like every other day. Not that I don't like it, tough! I got a lot of make-up, nailpolish, money and books! Side note: I love reading! I'm at the moment reading the da Vinci code, and I really love it! Before this I read digital fortress, which is my favourite book now! I've been to despicable me 2, and now I have a serious crush on the minions and bananas... You should really check out!
Please let me now in the comments, if you would like more personal updates, and if you would maybe like Photos with it :-).
XXx Imke

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