Sunday, 29 September 2013

Fashion Inspi/tips! Above knuckle rings/midi rings!

Hi Guys!
Trends. They come and go.
One of the newest trends: above knuckle rings.
A trend or a remainer?
I'll be showing you different types of combis, and show you some options on how to wear above knuckle rings.

Black and White
Whit a simple and clean nail-art, you make the rings stand out. Also, it look very chique. But, if you are doing nail-art, I recommend using very simple rings, like the basic gold ones in the picture above.

Just like normal rings, midi rings can express your feelings. Is it going to be the hart for love, the anchor for hope, or the infinity symbol?

Urban Chique
For an urban chique look, I recommend using gold rings, with maybe some diamonds. Go crazy with combinations! At least six rings per hand :-).

Because diamonds are a girl's best friend :-D.

Go crazy with the midi rings, and also add normal rings plus one big normal ring. Hélló miss diva!

Tough Cookie
For the tough ladies: forget al the fine gold details! Combine bigger and rougher designs with patterns, and maybe even a dark nailpolish for a dark look.

Girly is the keyword for this finishing touch look for your outfit. Ahw, all the ribbons, keys, harts etc! Cuteness overload. To make it even cuter, add a pastel/cute nail-art and you are welcome!

Are you not the the type of girl that wants all the attention? This is for you! Simple one colourd nails, and four or five basic gold rings. You go girl!

Are you stil a little bit tanned from the sun (or self tanner)? Gold should be your colour to go! Just look at your abnormal gorgeous brown hands!
Are the funny one of your friends and do you like joking around? Above knuckle rings should be part of your outfit every day! Gold, silver, diamonds, whatever you want!

A red nailpolish and two or three midi rings. Maybe one or two with a symbol. That's all you need for a stylish, classic, grown-up look.

So that where some combos and styles of above knuckle rings. I think midi rings will remain, just because they aren't expensive (just go to H&M), you can make so much combi's and girls from every age can wear it. I really enjoy wearing these rings, they just give that little extra to your outfit that you need.
I hoped you enjoyed reading my blog!

Do you wear above knuckle rings?

xXx Imke

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