Friday, 4 October 2013

Before I die TAG!

Hi Guys!
So, I tought it would be fun if I would do a tag.
Not just any tag, but the before I die tag.
This tag includes going to wehartit dot com, en search on before i die tag/hashtag
Then you choose the images that you like and explain why you want to do that.
I decided to choose seven images for on my bucket list!
Let's go!!!


Untitled | via Tumblr
I, have -honestly- never ever had candy corn. I've seen all these candy-corn costumes, and candy-corn nail-arts, but I think they just don't sell them in Holland. Grr... Really want to try it tough, and when my life has come to this important point, I'm sure I will let you know!


before i die
This really is my big dream. I went on an exchange to Great Brittian, and I just fell in love with the country. The people, the language and just the country itself. I don't necessarily need to study there, but I want to life there for at least a year. Fingers crossed!


World of Fools | via Tumblr
Sleep in a castle. I've always had a big obsession with midieval dresses, princesses, disney, fairytales and castels. Which little girl doesn't want to be her own princes?


Can you imagne? It's getting dark, you just prepared the perfect smores, you took out a plaid and a friend is lighting the fire. Talking about nothing you watch the sunset. Yes, it does sound cheesy, but come on, maybe even when it only is for the smores?


Okay, I admit, I'm a true Disney Freak. And I've been to Disney Land Paris, but I was four and to afraid to do anything, and I the only thin I rember is we got to stay five days instead of three (okay, that's not true but you get my point). And as a true disney fangirl, it's my task to visit Disneyland. With my best friend. Just because it's her.



Yes. My favourite Disney movie is the little mermaid. And yes, thanls to her i wan to be a mermaid. Who doesn't? Come on lil' flounder!


(68) Tumblr
Peek-a-boo! There's Ariel again. A this moment my hair is a fully natural dark blonde colour. Just think of long lucious red hair floating in the water. Dancing around your head while you jump. Makes this girl happy!

So this was the before I die tag! Since this is a tag, i have to tag someone. I'm going to tag you! Yeah you! Behin your phone/laptop/tablet/any other device! Let me know in te comments what your top three is!

xXx Me 

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