Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Nude Lipgloss(/cream) reviews!

Hi Guys!
Today I'll be reviewing four budget lipglosses!
Lipgloss, lipgloss, lipgloss.
I just can't get used to wearing it.
But is there any of these products that will change my opinion?
Sorry if my lips look bad, I've catched a cold, so the are very red and a little bit swollen.

With flash
 My photo studio :-)

Essence stay with me longlasting lipgloss

Swatch without flash 
 Swatch with flash
With flash
Without flash

A really nice gloss! It has a slightly creamy texture, and it is sticky. Not to less, not much. The more stickyness, the longer it will last!  It also has micro-glitters in it. The lip gloss does less, but i really won't survive a meal or drink. It is absolutely shiny. It isn't that pigmented tough, but i gives my lips a nice shine and colour! The applicator has a special shape, which I prefeably don't like. It's hard to apply the gloss even to your lips, but I heard other people like it, so it might work for you. Also, it's hollow on the inside.


Essence stay matt lipcream

 Swatch without flash
Swatch with flash
 With flash
Without flash

Only matt colour, and the only lip cream in these reviews! I decided to throw this one in, because a lot of beauty gurus love it. It is a ver saddle creamy texture, but I personally don't recommend applying it using the sponge applicator. The third picture is taken without wiping any product of. As you can see, you would apply way to much product to your lips. I take some of the cream on my finger and than dab it on my lips. Works great for me! The colour is lighter then my naturak lips, but the light baby pink still suits me. It is like my lips but better. I doesn't give that pop of colour, but it has a very natural finish. This is like lipstick but in lipgloss form/package. I love it! I think it's the nicest product I reviewed for this article!


Gosh lipgloss

(The name?)
 One side of the packaging
  And the other side!

 Swatch without flash
Swatch with flash
 With flash
Without flash
full face
As you can see, GOSH isn't very creative with names. The name of the gloss is lip gloss, or lip gloss in french, and the colour is named 0058. Come on! I won't take this in to the review, but still, Gosh... I really like this lipgloss! Yet, it very sticky, and that something I don't really like. I think you should be able to handle a bit of stickyness, because it makes the lipgloss last longer, but this I don't like that much! The is amazing, tough. It is a little bit of a berry pink/red, with amazing glitters. Long lasting as well! I like the colour of this gloss the best out of all the products.


Miss Sporty hollywood forever lipgloss

Swatch without flash 
 Swatch without flash but with sunlight shining on it
 Swatch with flash
 Swatch with flash and sunlight
 With flash
Without flash

Okay, i regret every thing I said about the stickyness of the previous lipgloss. THIS has the ultimate stikyness. Om my god! Yes, I kinda believe this is lasting for eight hours, according to the fact it sticks to my lips is FREAKIN' SUPERGLUE! And besides that, this gloss is also more like shimmer, instead of pigment. If you like to rock your shimmer, her ya go girl. But if you don't... I won't recommend this. You can use it as a nice nude finish for your lips (wait, maybe even for your eyes! Is that a good idea?) when you have like  bold smokey eyes or something, tough.


The marks!

Pigmentation: Essence gloss: 8, a nice pigmentation, makes you lips look fuller. Also, I really like the shimmers in this one!
Essence cream: 9, An absolute topper, i reviewed the nude colour, but I saw swatches of a red colour, and it's definitly amazing!
Gosh gloss: 8, I really love the colour! If I would wear lipgloss, I would definitly wear this often. Really warms up my face!
Miss sporty gloss: 5.8, Meh... I heard the other glosses are amazing, but maybe I picked the only one that isn't nice... I don't know, just a lot of shimmer, and almost no pigmentation...

Scent: Essence gloss: 6.7,  a very typical make-up scent, but sweeter.  Not really something I really like.
Essence cream: 7.5, I can't really place the smell. It's a very sweet (maybe ice like?) sweet. I like it, but i think it's something you need to decide yourself.
Gosh gloss: 6.2, THE typical make-up scent. Nothing else to say about.
Miss Sporty Gloss: 7.3, A very fruit-like, kinda 'sour' smell. I really like it!

Texture: Essence gloss: 8, A creamy-ish texture. Not very sticky, easy to work with, IF you know how to use the applicator in the right way. Long-lasting.
Essence cream: 8.2, a thick creamy texture. Easy to work with using your fingers. Also matt! LONG-LASTING!
Gosh gloss: 7.8, a bit sticky, but not to sticky. Easy to work with using the applicator. A smooth texture. Long-lasting.
Miss Sporty gloss: 5.8, Come on! I really don't like the texture of this gloss. You could even say it's a bit chunky... A thick texture, and not so easy to work with. Long-lasting, tough.

The averages!

The essence Gloss: 7.6, A low average, i think it deserves a eight. A really nice gloss!
The essence Cream: 8.2 Again, a low average, woth a 9! LOVE IT!
The Gosh Gloss: 7.3, And again... Low average, it think it deserves a 7.5. Precious!
The Miss Sporty Gloss: 6.3 Meh... I haven't got anything to say...

Hope You enjoyed reading this review!

What is your favourite gloss?

xXx Imke 

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