Friday, 13 September 2013

Nail-art tutorial kawaii-bear!

Hi guys!
Today I'm sharing a nail-art design with you!
It's a cute nail-art design, inspired on rilakkuma.
But i like to call it kawaii-bear, because the colour of the fur/skin and the face isn't the same.
Have fun reading!

What you need

A dottingtool and toothpick (and a make-up sponge, not on the photo)

A bright blue colour

A pink blossom colour (for the cheecks)

A colour for the skin/fur (if you have rilakkuma's skin colour you can use that)

A plain white colour

A black polish

A shining plain topcoat

A basecoat

Polish your nails in the white colour, I used 2 coats to get the optimal coverage. Make sure the coverage is the best on the index finger, ring finger and pinky, because you are going to see that later.

Now paint the middle finger and thumb 2 to 3 coats using the colour of the fur/skin of the bear

On the fingers you left white, create a gradient effect using the bright blue and a make-up sponge. You might need to apply two coats of this

Use something plastic to put the polish on. Make two ovals on the bottom of your middle finger and thumb, using the white polish

Using the black polish make two black dots for the eyes

Using the white polish, make two highlights in the eyes. After making all the photos and uploading them to my computer, I decided to make these highlights smaller, to make the bear look cuter, but i haven't captured that

Using the polish again, polka-up the blue-white nails! :-)

Done! The left hand!

The right hand!

xXx Imke 

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