Monday, 2 September 2013

Review Essence longlasting eye pencil review nr. 13 & nr. 17

Hi Guys!
So today i have a review for you!
Personally I love a pop of colour, it just gives that little bit extra.
So when i saw these pencils at the drugstore, i decided to buy them.
So here a review on 17 tu-tu-touqoise and 13 remember amber!

Promise of essence:
  • supersoft eye pencil for precise application, long-lasting

without flash
with flash
the tip

13 Remember amber is a beautiful subtile colour. If you press hard on it (like the swatch below) it isn't subtile anymore. I would recommend using this along the whole upper lashline, to brighten up your lid. You won't really see it, but when the light rays shine on it, you will defenitly see the colour and shine. The texture is very soft. When i swatched it, i broke the tip off. So be careful!

without flash
the tip
17 Tu-tu-touqoise is my favourite! It's actually in my daily routine! I use it along the outer 1/3 of the bottom lash-line to make my eyes appear brighter. I would say this pencil with a lott of glitter. If you don't like the glitters, you can easily swipe them away using cotton stick. It is really lonlasting, even if I don't set it with eyeshadow. At the end of the day it isn't that bright anymore, but overall I like this pencil. This texture is also soft with glitters. And I also broke the tip during swatching :-(. But using it under me eyes it has never broken. So I would say: don't press to hard!

The Swatches:
 Left: nr. 17, Right: nr.13
The swatches later that day

Sorry for my old-looking hand, but i'm still playing with my camera :-)

Design: nr. 13: 8, it's a very basic and slim design, so like we know from essence :-). It might look a little bit childish, but i don't think so. The material looks like just plastic, but with first picture with flash you can clearly the shimmer in the plastic. I like the packaging, not to many extra things, and easy to use.
nr. 17: 8, the same as numeber 13.

Substance: nr. 13: 7.5, Very soft, and nice to use, but not so precise.
nr. 17: 7.2, three-thend less, because of the (chunky) glitters. But they are easy to wipe of using a cotton bud. But if you don't have much time, this can be a problem. Also not precise.

Pigmentation: nr. 14: 6.9,  very sheer and light colour, but i still like it. Altough the pigmentation isn't great.
nr. 17: 8.5, I love this colour! A metallic finish, and ver bright colour. The pigmentation is amazing!

Nr. 13 Remeber Amber: Average: 7.5 I think the pencil deseves this average. Not so precise and pigmented, bu still nice to use!

Nr. 17 Tu-tu-touquoise: Average: 7.9 Also this pencil deserves the average! I really love it, also it isn't precise and it has (chunky) glitters. I'm especially in love with the colour/pigmentation!

So this was my review! I hope you enjoyed it!
xXx Imke

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