Sunday, 1 September 2013

Shoplog Drugstore

So, I promised that I would upload a shoplog. Time has finally come! I went to the drugstore i several times, andhere the items I'm most excited about. Please let me know in the comments which product(s) you like to be reviewed. Also let me know if you want to see a(budget)look with the products. If you want to see a review of a product, type in the comments the password that's underneath every product. If you want to see a look, leave the other password in the comments. You can leave as many passwords as you want. (The pictures where taken on different days).

Essence 3D eyeshadow 01 irresistible green dream

A really nice green colour with a funny/nice design/texture. I've bought this because I was really excited about the special design, the colour. Also essence is one of my favourite budget brands (besides catrice, teezz and sleek).
Price: €2,89
review: 3DR
Look: 3DEL

Catrice cosmetics MULTICOLOUR blush 060 Strawberry Frappucino

A blush I fell in love with. It has four beautifull colours: A dark brown/pink like, a darker pink, baby pink, and very light blossom like pink. I'm really excited to use this product. I could use the darkest colour as a soft contour, the dark pink at my junk bones (?), the girly pink at the apples of my cheeks, ans the blossom pink as a very soft highliter.
Price: €3,99
review: MCBR
look: MCBL

Catrice cosmetics Gel eye liner brush

I couldn't leave this brush at the store. Not because i really think it's a good brush, but the main reason why I bought this brush is because a lot of (drugstore) brands fail at their attempts to make angled brushes. I just wanted to know how the brush of Catrice was.
Price:  €2,49
review: GEBR
look: GEBL

Eye CANDY strip lashes 003

I really needed new lashes, because I used the previous pair to long. I didn't know this brand, so I thought it would be nice to try. The lashes looked a little bit long to me, but i can always shape them. To stop you from confusing: I don't wear falsies on a daily basis.
Price: €7,99 
review: ECFR

xXx Imke

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