Monday, 7 October 2013

SFX make-up: Vampire bite! (without using scar wax and fake blood)

Hi Guys!

Halloween is coming!
What are going to be?
I'm going to be a vampire mermaid!
So I tought it would be fun if I would show you how I'm going to create my vampire bite!
Of course it most people are going to locate the bite marks in their necks,

but for this tutorial I decided to do it on my hand, because it's nicer for pictures.
Let's start!

What do you need?

facial paint in a black, bright red, dark red and bloody red colour
 A raspberry red lip stain/liner
A bright red liquid lip tint/ fake blood
A white eyeliner (pencil)

transparant/white hair wax (or scar wax)
Liquid foundation in your skin colour (or scar wax)
Translucent powder and a powder brush
A thin, good quality (paint) brush, the rounded back of a eyeshadow bush, and an poor quality eyeshadow brush
a clean make-up sponge
a mixing tray
nailpolish remover/alcohol

How to make the magic happen!

Start by making sure your hand is clean and oil/fat free. You can do this by swiping a cotton pad/make-up sponge dipped in to nailpolish remover/ alcohol over your hand.
sketch out the shape of the bite wound by using a white eyeliner. Don't put the two circles to close to each other!

If you don't have scar wax (like me) you can make it yourself, or use lash glue. In my opinion, lash glue isn't thick enough, so I'm going to show you how to make your own scar wax, it's really simple. If you want to make  the whole jar scar wax, you'll need to microwave it for 15 to 30 seconds, to make it easy to mix. If you don't want that, just skip this step. Take a liquid foundation matching your skin colour, the hair wax and the mixing tray (just mix it the jar if you want a whole jar of scar wax). The next step is really simple. Just mix the wax with a few drops of the foundation. Tadaa! If you made a whole jar, let it cool down for 10 to 15 minutes.
Using a spatula or the back of a eyeshadow brush, apply the wax around the white circles. Don't use your fingers just yet, because the wax wil melt! Use your fingers (or spatula, whatever you prefer) to blend the wax into your skin. Let it dry.
While this is drying, you can softly and carefull colour in the circles (using the lip stain), to see if you like the shape of the wounds.
Next, using the bright red and paint brush, carfully colour the circles in. Before this step, I used a very small dotting tool to pull the edges of the inside of the wound up, so it looked deeper.

Now for shading: mix the dark red with the black face paint. Use the same paint brush to make a line -with the colour you just mixed- along the inside of the wound. Don't worry if this isn't so perfect. You won't be able to see that good in the end.
For texture: mix the dark red with the hair wax. If you have a pasty dark/bloody product yourself, you can use that. Use the back of a eyeshadow brush to lightly stip/dipp it inside the wound. This should look like (alsmost) dried bloud.
Using the liquid red lip tint or fake bloud, dip it all in the wound. If you are using lip tint, make sure it has a watery texture

Using the make up sponge, mix the blooy and dark red together. Because you usually get irritated skin around the area of a vampire bite, (duh, have you never seen a real vampire bite wound?) -with a light hand- dip the red colour around the area of thee wound. If there are some places that you can't reach with your sponge, use the poor quality brush, because a brush with poor quality won't give that much coverage.
To blend the edges of the irritated skin, use a cotton swab dipped into nailpolish remover/alcohol and lightly roll it over the edges. Because you want to make it look like the irritation comes from underneath the skin, use translucent or foundation powder to lightly dabb it over. I decided not to do this, because I was happy with the way it looked. If you do decide to do this, make sure your bush doesn't get in the wound!

   Thank you for reading this tutorial! You can use this technique on any kind of cut wound. Here is how I used this technique on a scratch wound:
I hoped you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed making it!

What are you going to be with Halloween?
xXx Me 
Ps: the nail-art I was wearing in this tutorial:


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