Wednesday, 23 October 2013

What's next to my bed?

Hi Guys!
Today is the time to get a little personal with you. ;-)
I figured out it would be fun if I showed what I keep next to my bed!
Let's start!

The things in detail!

Of course Lush's Lemony flutter! I alwasy apply a layer on my fingers and toes of this when I go to sleep, so I wake up with soft cuticles in the moring! Really nice! Click here for the review of this product.
My nose-spray! I actually don't know why I share this with you, but who minds? ;-) I have a lot of allergies, so I always have a runny nose. So that's why the docto gave me this. (btw, I don't understand anything of what it says. Let me know if you know!)
A little smint can! Let's see what's inside...
My catrice lip peeling! I use this once a week to take care of the blood circulation in my lips! Just nice as a in between treatment, but not really helpfull when your lips are falling of your face (not literally!)
A Cleaner for my iron thread! I don't have a brace anymore, but I do have tose little iron-wire-ish things behind my theeth, to keep everything in place. I use this to clean in between the wire and my teeth!
My guardian angel coin! I got from an aunt a long time ago. Isn't it cute? Looks really sweet, and also fits in my wallet.
A stone with a chinese print that says hope. Pretty cliché right? But who cares? It look awesome! This is really nice to give a unic/special look to your table or shelf!

I'm not sure why this is there, because I never use it. But it looks pretty cool right? And besides that, it smells like newborn unicorns (or as most people call it, babies). This cream is really thick and creamy, I really love it! I think in the winter it is really nice for your knees or elbows!
The lip balm next to my bed! The body shop born lippy. Raspberry smell! Delicious scent! I only use this is night, because t's to big to fit in my pocket. Also, I prefer Burt's Bees, but usually it is still in some jeans, so this comes out usefull :-). Since I wear balm on my lips almost on the time, my lips are pretty soft, so I don't know if this balm makes my lips soft, but at least it keeps them soft. I apply a thick layer every night, so I wake up with soft lips!

A sample from the body shop's honey body butter, I'm afraid to use it, because i smells amazing, and I want to smell it forever! Like I said, I haven't used it yet, but from what I heard, this body butter is awesome! The substance is really buttery/thick and rich. Love it! The Body Butters of the Body Shop are a little expensive for me (eu 15,-), but if you invest in that, I think it's a really good butter!
Some stones that carry a lot of holiday memories with them! The left one I got for my 9th birthday, and the right one is from Austria, but I can't remember if I bought or found it.
Also a little holiday memory! I bought this life-tree in Austria, too. It found it in a stone-shop at a mountain-village. Cute!
A memory from Paris! Love that city! I kind of stated to collect glass boxes from the places I've been. This one's from Paris, a long time ago. We went to see all the monuments and of course we went to see the city! Since it was a very long time ago, I don't remember much of it, but I do remember the Gallerie de La Fayette. Beautyfull! I really want to go there agian!
A memory from when we went to see dolphins! My little sister is a huge fan of dolphins, and as a birthday gift for her, we went to see the dolphins in a recreation park. They had a lot of other water animals, too. Absolutely loved it!
Again, a memory! I bought this on top of a hill! We were climbing a mountain to go and see a stone cave, and there was a little shop that belonged to it. That was where I bought this cute elphant!
If you know me, you know I love great scents. And since I have my own scent oils, I decided to mix them in this wooden ball. For some unknown reason, I keep it in this box. But it smells amaing! A mixture of apple, cinnamon and orange with some other undertones. Hmmm...
My Hello Kitty plushies! I bought the right one when I was on exchange in the U.K., and I got the left one from my exchange student. That was when my obsession with Hello Kitty started. Come on, how can you not love this cute kitten?
My Hello Kitty Squishy! I once got it for free in a zoo, very cute and usefull! Especially when you are having a stressfull week...

Two little luch charms! Do you see how far you have to bend over to see the eyes of the left one? Hahaha   :-). They look very nice next to my bed.

Two Body Shop Hand cleanse gels! I like the top one the most, but the orange has the most U.K. memories sticking to it. The hand gels smell really pure to orange and coconut! On my nails I'm wearing the essence gel nails at home, I will upload a review about them soon!

Also, I have my IPod, a bottle of water and paper towels lying next to me, but I don't think they need pictures ;-).

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed reading!
What is your favourite item that you keep next to you in bed?

xXx Imke

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  1. wat een leuk artikel, je hebt echt veel op je nachtkastje ;o! Ik ben hier gekomen via de site van teskuh, zou het erg leuk vinden als je ook een kijkje neemt op mijn blog! Liefs, Savannah