Thursday, 31 October 2013

Essence Gel Nails at Home Review!

Hi Guys!
So today I have A very exciting review for you!
And like you proberly already guessed by the title,
I'll be reviewing the essence gel nails at home kit!
Doing your own gel nails has been a huge tend lately,
and I can see why.
It's cheaper easier and nice to do!
Now, essence is not the first one to come with a gel-nails kit,
but essence is by far the cheapest! 
All the products without the lamp together cost +- €9,99
The price of the lamp varies from +- €20,- to €25,-
Yay! Let's Get started!

All the products in the kit!

all the products
 the packaging of the lamp
 the lamp itself, up to €25,-
the on/off button on the the lamp
 packaging of the gel base coat 2,95
 the basecoat itself
 the packaging of the gel top coat +-  €2,95
 the gel topcoat itself
 the primer 2,45 
the cleanser 2,45 
You can also buy a file and handcream with it, but since I already had those, I didn't order them.

How to!

How my nails look under the lamp:

With coloured polish
Without coloured polish! Awesome!

The Review!

As you can see on this picture, the substance of the gel polishes is reallt thick. Surprisingly enough, It does work. So it isn't that hard to paint your nails. Yes, it is harder than regular nail polish, but I can still make it work. Just pay a little more attetion!
Also, the brush of the primer is kind of annoying. I'm asuming the primer isn't is nail-polish, because it doesn't have to dry. But the brush has very unflexible hairs. I think that's for a reason, but I don't know, so I won't take it in this review.

A remarkable point, is the difference of lasting days. The package of the lamp says two weeks, but the packaging of the gel polishes say ten days. Is there any reason for this? I don't know, but I'm still going to take it in my review, because now I don't know how log it's suposed to last. I think it's the best idea to go with ten days first, because I don't even know if I want to wear it any longer, due to the roots :-). Here are few mistakes I made applying the gel nails, so you can learn from it:


On my pinkie, I didn't apply the gel over the whole nail, and as you can see, it piled up to the side of my nail. So make sure you apply a even layer!
You can't really see it on this picture, but there are like some dents/holes in my nails because I didn't apply the gel there. This is not the fault of essence, but mine. 

Does it last?

My nails the moring after applying. They still look exactly the same is when I just applied them!
A day after in the night! Nothing changed!
After three days! Still nothing changed, but I did notice dirt sticks easily to it. So You might want to check your nails after eating. On my righthand, the corner of my inex finger loosend, but i sticked it to my nail using a base coat, and now it's the same again, except fo the fact it resulted a really tiny chip. I don't know if this is my mistake, bacause I saw when I got the hand out under the lamp, it wasn't wrapped.

 After four days! Nothing has changed on my left hand, but my right hand is getting worse everyday. I really am that kind of person who likes to touch my nails, espicially with the gel on it, because the are so smooth :-). I really have to work hard to not peel the nails of, and I'm sticking them back with basecoat everyday.

I'm very sorry, but because of footage error, I lost the pictures of the next three days, and I wanted to make new pictures, But then I realized I removed my manicure already. I'm very sorry! But they my left hand lasted the whole week, and my right hand started to peel off a lot earlier, because I didn't wrap. I took it of after a week because you could see my natural nails a lot.


  • Cheap! The essence products are a lot cheaper then other gel nails at home kits!
  • Easy to get: Online and in drugstores.
  • Nice effect, not to thick.
  • You can use your own polishes and don't have to buy extra-expensive gel polishes!
  • If you take enough time and be carefull for/with pulling the nails off, they won't damage your nails (as much as) other gel polish brands.
  • Easy to remove!
  •  Last at least a week if you apply them in the right way!
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • The gel basecoat contracts a bit.
  • Sticky layer can be hard to get off.
  • The first time applying you will definitly make some mistakes, but that's normal
  • I personally don't see this as a con, but it can be for you: there's no gel polish included, so you have to wait for your own normal polish to dry.
  • If you don't wrap good, they peel of very easily.
  • The substance of the of the gel polishes is very thick
All with all, I'm really satasfied with this kit! The only things you need to have yourself are a cotton pad, a normal nailpolish (when not doing the natural french look) and optionally a rosewood stick. I think I have found a new addiction!'

Are you going to buy or have you bought a gel nails at home kit?

xXx Imke 


  1. Ah I've just seen this in store in South Africa but wasn't too sure about it. Officially going to go pick up a kit thanks to this review :) Was peeling the gel polish off difficult? Im really worried about nail damage (already suffer from nail splitting :( )

    1. Hi! Thx for you comment! The peeling off wasn't difficult, but yes, it does damage your nails. The damage it less when you do it slowly and horizontal instead of vertical, but I think it differs per person. Good Luck!

    2. Tracy, in what store did you see it in South Africa???? I've been looking everywhere with no luck!!! I thought Clicks would have it but no luck...

  2. I just used the kit, but they had no lamps left. I bought a lamp from another shop, (same price), it worked well. Trial and error, I guess, when it comes to getting an even coating, but not bad at all.

  3. Great review and a bonus to know other brands of polish will also work thanks.
    I bought this a a couple of days ago and so far I love it .. my lamp looks very different but so long as it lasts a week I shall be super happy