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Eyeshadow survival guide!

Hi Guys!
As you know, 
I review and do d.i.y.'s a lot on this blog.
I like to review eyeshadows, mascaras and more.
But what is the best way to apply your eyeshadow?
How do your prevend your eyeshadow from creasing?
To help you,
I've set up this mini-survival guide for eyeshadow, answering these questions an others.
Let's get this party started!

The Basics

Okay, let's get real.
To make your eye make-up look beautifull,
you need a good base. You don't want your eye make-up to be creased within half an hour.
And to prevend this from happening, I can't tell you often enough:
Use eyeshadow base/primer!
Not only will this help to make your eyeshadow last troughout the whole day,
but it will make the colours you use look nicer/brighter (depending on the colour base you use) and it will make the shadows easier to blend. Applying the base is very easy: Just apply it everywhere where you are going to apply eyeshadow! Note: Don't use face primer for your eyes! You can get really cheap and good eyeshadow bases at the drugstore, but you can also get eyeshadows bases that cost aound twenty euros. Just find out what fits you best!

Choosing your colour!

So, once you've got your base done, it's time to choose a colour.
There are literally thousands of different colour and textures to choose from.
A blue matte eyeshadow, a glittering pink shadow, a metallic grey or a shining brown one.
Just a few examples. When choosing a shadow in the store, it is important that the colour is intense. You want a bright blue, otherwise you would have bought a light blue. The intensity of a colour depends on the amount of pigment in a eyeshadow. The colour in the box can be really different from the final colour you will get on your eyes. That is why it is important to swatch (get the eyeshadow on you finger, and than swipe it over the back of your hand.) to see the real colour.

How do I apply eyeshadow?

Have you choosen your colour? Alright, than let's start applying!
Tips 'n tricks:
  • Uses brushes as much as possible for applying eyeshadow! There are a lot of different eyeshadow brushes: blending brushes, crease brushes, flat compact brushes, angled brushes and a lot more. At this point just decide what works best for you. Would you like to invest in a good blending brush, or would you rather have the perfect crease brush? Or both? Personally, I really don't like using sponge applicators. I just don't like the effect they give (but they can be really usefull for applying lose glitters!).
  • If you want to apply a highlighter under your browbone you can do this with you finger; there's no need to be precise.
  • Before you start applying the eyeshadow: First tick your brush against the edge of a table or the back of your hand. In this way the powder that is to much will not land on your cheecks :-).
  • Dab! Don't swipe! Firstly, you build up the colour better and easier in this way and secondly, when you dab, less shadow will fall on your cheeks/under your eyes.
  • Blend! The easiest way to do this is by applying the colours a little bit over each other, and than just use a blending brush to blend them.

What are the basics for applying eyeshadow?

This is a basic map of how to apply your eyeshadow. Of course you can change and play arounf with it, but you can't go wrong with this. Below I will explain what you see on the 'map'.

Highlight: Apply a light colour on your browbone! This will give your eyes an optical lift.
Contour/Crease: Apply darker colour here to make your crease look deeper, which will make your eyes look bigger.
Inner corner/tear duct: Apply a light colour in your inner eye corner. This will make it look like this corner catches more light, making your eyes look bigger and fresher.
Lid: Apply a medium toned colour here to finish the look.
Outer V: For that glamerous look you can decide to use a darker colour here. This will also make it look like this part has more shadow, which gives more defenition to your eyes.
Upper lashline: Applying eye liner or a darker eyeshadow here makes your lashes look thicker, opening your eyes more (and making them look bigger :-))
Waterline: You can either use a light or dark colour. Light, to open up your eyes and make them look fresh. Black, to intensify your look.
Lower lashline: Lining the outher 2/3 or 1/3 of the lower lashline will make it look like this area catches more shadow, which adds more defenition to your eyes.

This were my make-up tips for today! In the next eye make-up part, I will tell you something about fake eyelashes, eye liner and brows.
Let me know in the comments if you liked this guide, and if you would like to see a pt. 2
Until next time!

What is your ultimate eyeshadow tip?

xXx Me

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