Thursday, 21 November 2013

Rimmel London Hide the Blemish Concealer in 002 sand review!

Hi Guys!
Did you know that 9/10 people have dark circles?
They can be caused by a lot of things,
e.g. to less sleep, eating unhealthy, rubbing your eyes or just by nature (genes).
So most likely you have dark circles too!
And it doesn't matter how healthy you eat, how much you sleep or how less you rub your eyes, mostly the circles won't disapear (completely)!
Lucky as we are today, we've got concealer!
Not only to hide you panda-eyes,
but also to cover up pimples, redness and other imperfections.
So to help you to hide your dark circles and other imperfections,
I'll be reviewing the Rimmel Londen hide the Blemish concealer (eu 8,99 $10,-) in 002 sand!
Let's get rolling!

The review!

full face without concealer

close-up without concealer
 non-blended concealer
 blended concealer
full face, blended concealer
I'm going to start with a tip: For this review, a lightly dabbed the concealer under my eyes and then blended it with my fingers. But this concealer gives a lot more coverage when you swipe it under your eyes (maybe a few times, just like a lipstick), and then blend it with your fingers! The concealer is packed as a standard lipstick. But don't mess-up and use it as a lipstick! It will act like a kind of lip ereaser (trust me,I know, a friend of me mistaked it for a lip balm...). This package is very practical, but make sure you have a clean skin before applying the concealer or else the dirt will get on the stick.

Since my main concerns are dark circles, I only tested it on them (I also tested it on pimples, but I didn't take pictures of that). For my dark circles, it is to cakey and settles in to fine lines to quick tough. It does work well on pimples (were it's for, assuming the name). On blemishes it lasts 4-5 hours without powder or primer.
This is not my picture, but I tought I would show it to you to give you an idea:
rimmel hide the blemish concealer swatch before after

So all with all, the concealer does what the name says: hiding the blemishes! I have really irritated skin under my nostrills (because of allergies), and it works great there as well. The concealer did end up in my daily routine, mainly because my other concealer was empty :-).


  • Coverage isn't to heavy
  • Easily cover blemishes (marks and spots)
  • Price is worth the quality
  • Useful and hygenic packaging
  • Easy to blend
  • Easy to use with fingers or brush
  • The lightest tone is very light
  • Easy to get (in your local drugstore)
  • Lasts/Stays (4-5 hours without primer, face powder or setting spray)


  • The darkest shade is not very dark
  • To cakey for under-eye circles
  • Not vey spare in useage
  • Settles in to fine lines quickly

Over all, this concealer is really nice for when your looking for a good concealer that covers your blemishes (eg pimples or spots). I'm really going to use this more often!

What is your favourite concealer? And do you use it for blemishes or dark circles?

xXx Imke

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