Thursday, 21 November 2013

Quick Basic sfx bruise tutorial using face paint!

Hi guys!
A while ago, I showed you how you could make a bruise using eye shadows in your stash.
A con of using eye shadows, is that normally/usually they aren't (fully) matt.
So today I decided to show you how to make a basic bruise using facial paint.
Let's start!

What do you need?

 Any kind of primer you like
 A textured sponge (I made these by cutting the edge of a sponge straight and then I picked random pieces out with a tweezer)

  A mousse foundation
  A make-up sponge
  A blue coloured face paint (or if you have a more vein like colour, it is better to use that one)
 a blood coloured facial paint
a green coloured face paint

How to make the magic happen!

Start off by priming your hand. I used an eyes shadow base and make-up sponge for this.
 Apply the blue face paint (using the textured sponge) in a random circle on your hand/face/other body part
 Apply the green over it with the same sponge
And now do the same with the red

This is were I went wrong!!!

Cut the edge of a make-up sponge so you get the kind of texture you can see on the pictures
This is what I don't recommend doing. I decided that I wanted to make it look like the bruise was more from under the skin, so I used mousse foundation and a make-up sponge to make it look like it came from underneath. Only, the coverage was a little bit to good, and now it looks like I made a mark with a pen or something. Actually, I wanted to use foundation powder, but I don't have that and I tought this would work fine as well. Keep an eye on the coverage of the product(s) you are using!
When I saw It was going wrong, I tried to make my skin look more irritated using this red lip shimmer, but it didn't help at all. To make it even worse, I decided to set it with powder...
The great endresult! *FAIL*
Without founfation, powder and lipshimmer.

This was my (fail) tutorial on how to make a bruise using face paint.
I hope you enjoyed reading it!

What is your biggest make-up fail ever?

xXx Imke

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