Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Anatomicals Eye Cream, You Scream, We All Scream for Regenerating EyeCream Review!

Hi Guys!
Today I'll be doing a review about a product with an abnormal long name!
Maybe not the best way to start an article, but it's true ;-).
Anyway, this review is about an eye cream by anatomicals!
If you have a daily skincare routine, 
you know that you can't miss your favourite facial cream.
A lot of us have a cream for their face in general, but a lot less people have special eye cream,
tough it is very important (the skin underneath the eyes is way more delicate than the skin on rest of your face).
If I'm honest, I knew this a long time ago, but I still didn't have Eye cream.
So when I saw this one in the Douglas, I got excited, especially when I saw it wasn't expensive at all (around 4 to 5 euros)!
And I'll admit, one of the major reasons I bought this is because of the hot pink colour...
Let's Start Reviewing!

The Review!

(Be warned: Anatomicals likes to put a lot of text on their products (-:)
 A serious tongue twister...
 The ingredients and content. I don't know a thing about eye cream, so I don't know what the purposes of the ingredients are :-)
 Did someone say Ben & Jerry's?
For those that don't know how to use eye cream...
I forgot to photograph it, but on the side where you open it, it says 'we only want you for our body'.
The cardboard packaging looks very nice and original to me! Yes, it has a lot of text, but at least it's not something many brands do. I really like anatomicals' names, and that also counts for this one. Also the comparison between Ben & Jerry's and this Eye cream is really nice!

So you can read the whole text!

  Same info as on the orange packaging...
 For some unknown reason I really liked the cap...

I think the packaging of the cream itself looks awesome! It could be beause I'm a sucker for hot pink, but I'm not sure ;-).
All the information on the tube is basically the same as on the orange cardboard, which I think is a good decision, because most people throw the other packaging away, and in this way you don't lose any info.
For some reason a really like the cap... I think it's just because you don't often see these 'stuffed' caps.
The tube itself feels really strong and I think it's bagproof.
It's really easy to squeeze the right dose out, which also is because of the slim tip.
Perfect so far!
 What the cream looks like when you squeeze it out!
 With (and after using it for a while)!
In the pictures it looks like you can't see it when the cream is on, but in real life it looks wetter. Besides that, it works really great!
The cream is made to tame down little wrinkles and to hydrate. It really does that and besides that I also noticed that it reduces my dark circles a bit. I feels really refreshing, and unlike a lot of other creams it doesn't burn or 'pull' when you apply it. The cream is not thick, but I think that's another pluspoint because it doesn't feel 'heavy' on  your eyes but just really refreshing. You also just need a tiny bit, so it will last you really long. An amazing cream!

So, What's the verdict?


  • The orange packaging looks nice, unic and provides enough information (+Nice little texts)
  • Only 4 to 5 euros!
  • Original (and long) name!
  • The hot pink tube looks awesome!
  • The tube feels really strong
  • It's easy to squeeze out the right dose
  • Tames down little wrinkles
  • Hydrates
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Feels refreshing
  • Doesn't burn or 'pull'
  • Because the cream isn't thick, it doesn't feel heavy
  • You only need a tiny bit!
  • Looks wet after applying
  • The skin doesn't absorb it very quickly (10 to 5 minutes)
  • You need to like the way anatomicals packs their products
As I think you can imagne by looking at the long 'pro' list, I really really really like this cream! It was really hard for me to find some cons. But if you are looking for a great, cheap and cute-looking eye cream, this is an absolute recommendation!

Do you use eye cream?

xXx Imke

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