Thursday, 30 January 2014

I Love... Mango & Papaya Refreshing Body Spritzer Review!

Hello Guys!
Is it just me, or does it seem like I can never get enough of body sprays?
The light, natural scent and the amazing smells.
You can get them in a lot of different forms. 
From budget to high-end, from tropical to sensual, from playfull to powerfull and you can go on for a while like that.
When I went on a day-trip to Germany and I saw this spray,
I got really excited (and I'll admit: That was also a bit because it had a philosphy inspired packaging).
I decided to take it with me and write a review about it!
Let's get started!

The Review!

(For some reason this photo is pressed together, but in real live the spray is slimmer)
Let's start by saying I adore the packaging! I know it's philosophy inspired, but that just happens and I love... isn't the only one to do it (take for example the treacle moon products). So I think it looks really cool! I do think that the packaging looks a bit budget, but that's okay, because it only was € 3,99. Beside that the packaging is strong, and the plastic cap won't fall off in your bag.
The body spray has the normal plastic spray cap, which I think is the best for liquid products like these. A little funny thing that I noticed: You can press it four times in a row. So when lightly press once and you keep your finger on the cap, you can directly press another time, and after four times you are at the bottom. I think this is really usefull for dosing!

Info on the back!
On the back it just has the the usual information. I doesn't have the ingredients on it, but it says you have to look the ingredients up (the last symbol in the row of symbols). After a lot of searching, I finally found the product on the douglas site, but it doesn't say the ingredients. When I tought of the idea the google the brand name, I found the site of I love..., and so I found the ingredients. (When you pull over the sticker it just says some general warnings -the usual fire, kids and eyes stuff- and the manual description -spray and enjoy-)
The ingredients:
The ingredients are the usual ingredients for a budget body spray, nothing special.
Now I'm heading over to the most important part, the smell!
I love... Itself describes the scent as 'a burst of juicy mango and succulent papaya'. When I smell the liquid in the bottle, it smells (next to the strong alcohol scent) really like that. However, when I spray it on, it smells to really strong alcohol, but after that is worn away (+- 30 seconds), it really smells to mango and papaya with a suddle vanilla smell, but after a longer time (20/30 minutes), the sweet (vanilla) scent becomes more noticable. I like it, but I wish the the mango was a bit stronger. 
Besides that, I love... This smell (best joke ever made)!
I would say it almost lasts the whole day (5 to 6 hours), which is quite good!
Let's head over to the pros and cons, shall we?

So, what's the verdict?

  • Cute packaging
  • Good quality packaging
  • The spray cap is really good for dosing
  • You can find the ingredients on the site
  • € 3,99
  • Lasts really long for a budget body spray!
  • I really like the scent!
  • Packaging might look cheap
  • I wish the mango was a bit stronger and that the sweet scent was tamed down a bit
  • There's a lot of alcohol denat in it
I like the body spray's scent, altough it's not my favourite. My sister bought the strawberry and cream variant, and I like that one better, but which scent you like and which you don't is really personal. Overall I'm really satasfied with the quality and scent, and I would like to test some more products of I love...!
Do you own or want to own any I love... Products?

xXx Me

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