Thursday, 2 January 2014

Rose Gold H&M Smokey Eye Brush review!

Hi Guys!
We all need brushes.
For eyeshadow, face powder, eyeliner, blush, eyebrows and way more.
And since we use our brushes for a long time,
it is really nice if they look pretty.
Since Rose Gold is a trend colour for jewelry for a while now,
H&M came with the great idea to transfer this trend to cosmetics!
When I spotted these brushes in the store,
I could not just leave them there, so I took the eyeshadow brush with me.
Does it work just as nice as it looks?

The Review!

The price!

When you buy the brush, there is this platic 'case' around it. Hygienic, because you are sure you are the firts one to use it, but at the same time annoying because you can't feel/test the brushes before you buy them.
Above you can also see the price, and I'm pretty shure it's far from expensive!
By looking at the brush trough the plastic, I expect it to be very soft. Good so far!

This brush is double sided (as you can see ;-)). H&M came out with more of these (I think two, but I'm not completly sure), and I have the version with the pencil brush and the eyeliner brush. The pencil brush is for applying eyeshadow in the crease, but because the hairs are rounded it also is usefull for blending. That the brushes are double sided is usefull for in a make-up case when you e.g. take them with you on vacation, but you can not stand them up straight. So at home it is not practical.
The brushes have a brown dip-dye, which I thinks looks really pretty. The handle looks like it's made from wood (but I'm not shure), and the rose gold metal attaches the hairs to the steel. This brush look realy luxurious! Go H&M!

 The pencil brush!
 The pencil brush!
 The eyeliner brush!
The eyeliner brush!
These brushes are one of the softest I've ever felt! For normal brushes a pluspoint, but the eyeliner brush is way to soft to -for example- make a nice winged eyeliner with. But because the hairs are so soft it is a good brush to fill in your eyebrows. The pencil brush is really nice in usage (not only for applying but also for blending), and so is the eyeliner brush when using it for your eyebrows. I'll be honest, when I saw the brushes I didn't actually have to feel them to know that they were super soft. 

So, what's the verdict?

  • You can't test/feel the brushes in the store (but that's also hygienic)
  • Because they're double sided you can't stand them up straight
  • The eyeliner brush can not be used fo eyeliner
  • When you buy the brush you're sure you are the first one that touches it
  • Double sided brushes are usefull for travelling.
  • € 3,95
  • They look super luxurious, trendy and soft (the dip-dye, the rose gold, the wooden steel etc.)
  • They're really, really, really soft!
  • The eyeliner brush is practical as eyebrow brush
  • The pencil brush can be used to apply and blend
Overall I really adore these brushes. I actually use the eyeliner brush for my brows every day now! I do not wear eyeshadow on a daily basis, but if I would, I'm shure I'd use the pencil brush for it. A recomendation!

Do you own H&M brushes?

xXx Me


  1. shure=sure??? I really want to try the powder brush in this range but I'm not sure what its like?Have you tried it and if so should I purchase it?

    1. Thank you for noticing, I've changed it ;-). Personally, I haven't tried the powder brush, but you could definitely give it try, because in general the brushes in this collection are cheap, good looking, soft and have great quality. If you want to know for sure, I suggest you look up reviews about the specific brush online ;-). Thank you for commenting!
      xXx Me