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H&M Highlighter Season Special Christmas 2013 Review!

Hi Guys!
As most of you probably know,
not every H&M sells make-up, just like the ones I live the closest to.
So when I was shopping with some friends and we passed a H&M Beauty,
I had to have a look inside.
When I saw this highlighter, I fell in love (don't blame me, it closes with a magnet!).
And when I saw it was a limited edition,
I couldn't resist it anymore. 
For 5,95 this baby was mine!
Is my love for this highlighter true?

The Review! 

Pretty print!
Information on the back of the packaging!
To give you an idea of the size :-) (My nails look so bad because of gel nails)
Let's start by saying I am confused as the packaging says it's for face and body. I know that you can for example highlight you collarbone, but normally it doesn't say it's for the body as well ;-). Okay, so one of the reasons I bought this is because of the packaging. It looks so luxurious while it only costs 5,95! And it is not only the print I love, but the main pluspoint on the packaging is that it closes with a magnet. Aaaah! Very usefull, because you are sure it won't open up in your bag, altough the rest of the packaging is cardboard and that might be crushed. The packaging kinda reminds me of benefit, but the main differences are the colour and the cap (benefit's packages are brighter and you can fully 'remove' the cap). So far only pluspoints!

In the packaging the highlighter looks brownish. It was really hard to catch the colour right on camera, but these pictures came the closest. In real-life the highlighter has a more yellow/mocca tone (the first picture of the two above is closer than the one under it). Little minus about the packaging tough: It's a little big for what's in it. Not a big problem for in your stash, but also because the cardboard isn't very strong, not so usefull for traveling. Besides that little remark I'm still enchanted!


 The only make-up I'm wearing in these pictures is the H&M Highlighter on my browbone (applied with my fingers)
  No flash...

With flash!

Can I just point out how gorgeous it looks with flash? Pretty! The highlighter has a really special colour, luckily it isn't as brown as it looks in the packaging. A champagne colour with a little bit of peach in it, which makes it look cool and warm at the same time. The highlighter has this shimmer which I really like. Very special! It also reminds a bit of a romantic candle(light)-scene. Some people even compare it to Mac's Mineralize Skinfinsh. Enough said, right? And like that isn't enough it also lasts long! A little con tough: I think the colour doesn't look as good on you when you are very dark, personally I think it suits you best when you have a lighter skin tone. 

So, what's the verdict?

  • Doesn't suit all skin tones
  • Cardboard isn't the stongest material, so the highlighter can be crushed in your bag
  • The packaging is a little big for the content
  • One of the main ingredients is talc (this is not a con for me, but for some people, it is)
  • 5,95 (which is -if you take a look at the packaging and the highlighter itself- super good value!)
  • Closes magnetically (still can't get over that)
  • Looks super luxurious while it is a budget product
  • The highlighter is going to last you very long
  • Very pretty and a special/unic colour!
  • Lasts long
  • You can also use it on your body ;-)
  • Good pigmentation
This highlighter is perfect for girls that just started a make-up collection, girls that don't spend much money on make-up but still want luxurious products and basically anyone else who is looking for pretty highlighter! Personally I think my love for this product is real and I will definitly use it really often!

Do you like H&M Make-Up?

xXx Me

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