Monday, 17 February 2014

Catrice Cosmetics Blush Brush Review!

Hi Guys!
Today I have another brush review for you!
I really love (powder) blush,
but I didn't really have a proper blush brush for it,
so I decided to get this one.
It's by Catrice and looks really basic and soft.
Is this brush for only 3,99 a budget topper?

The brush comes in this usefull and hygenic plastic ziplock case. When you don't use it to store the blush brush in, I think it's really usefull as a make-up case or to take your brushes with you while traveling.
These are all the promises Catrice makes. Will they all come true? I can't find whether the hairs are synthetic or animal hairs, so if you know please let me know!
    The brush size compared to my face! 
Overall the brush feels really strong, and it doesn't look like a budget product at all. I haven't washed it yet, but I think when I do the brush will lose no to a little hairs. So the quality is really good! The rounded shape also looks perfect for highlighter, bronzer and blush itself.
 Lightly pressing on the hairs
 From the side!
Pressing down the bristels as hard as I can
This brush is so soft! When I feel it, it feels like I'm touching an angels' wings ;-)! I absolutely love the feeling of this brush, and when it doesn't work out for blush, I guess it will also work great for powder. If you would look at the last picture, but then from the top, you could've really seen how many hairs were in this brush. They all wing out really nice!
But now, the most important part! How well does this brush work?
The blush I'm using to test! (Catrice Cosmetics multi colour blush in 060 Strawberry Frappucino)
 Side angle!
Front angle!
 Without anything
The blush (which you can't really see)
As you can tell from the pictures, it applies in a really natural way (which is what catrice promised). On the photo of wrist you can't really see the colour, but on my face (and in real life) it looks really natural and sweet, and it really compliments the colour.
To see if it didn't only work for blush, I also tried it with a highlighter!
 The H&M face and body highlighter (click here for my review)

My wrist with the highlighter on it
I'm very sorry, but again, I couldn't catch the highlighter on camera. But I again assure it really does look great and natural!
While using this brush on my face, I noticed that it's hard to apply powder precisely. 
as I mentioned, the hairs a very soft - I think a little to soft. It's also a bit big, so I don't think it's small enough for highlighter and bronzer. Personally I purely use for the apples of my cheecks.

So, What's the Verdict?

  • A Little to big and soft to apply your highlighter, blush and bronzer precisely
  • I can't any information about the hairs! (are they synthetic or animal hairs?)
  • Some people might find the steel a bit to short
  • The brush comes in a hygenic and usefull plastic ziploc case
  • 3,99
  • Loses a little to no hairs when it's washed
  • Perfect shape for bronzer, blush and highlighter
  • Soft enough for applying compact powder
  • Feels really strong
  • Dosing is easy, altough I still tap off the brush
  • Doesn't look budget at all
  • It's got a lot of hairs
  • Applies in a natural and fresh way
So all with all, this brush is a real budget topper. I would recommend it if you look for a blush brush, it isn't really multi-functional. But it isn't expensive at all, and since it's a blush brush, that doesn't matter. So personally I really love this brush!!!
Do you use/own any Catrice brushes?
xXx Me

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