Wednesday, 19 February 2014

TechTip: JBL Flip!

Hi Guys!
I know I've never talked about technologie finds before,
but I still wanted to share this with you.
I have an IPod Nano, and I love it.
I have nice music on it, and it works great.
Only downside: I can only listen to it using earplugs!
So when I got this portable speaker, I was so happy,
and it didn't take me long to fall in love with it, so I decided to share it with you!
Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you: The JBL Flip!

Disclaimer: This isn't an advertorial. All opinions are my own and I either bought the product(s) myself or got it as a gift from family or friends.

What is it?

So, what is a JBL flip? As I told, it is a portable (music) speaker. You can connect your phone or IPod to it by using a wire, but it doesn't come with one. But you don't need a cable! This speaker also connects via bluetooth, which is very usefull for eg. phones or tablets. Because it connects with bluetooth, you can also use it to call people handsfree. But since I needed it for my IPod nano, I needed the connecting wire for it (the IPod nano doesn't have bluetooth). 

What does it come with?

 First up: this case for the speaker! It feels very strong but soft and I think it's made of a foam like fabric. This case is perfect to take the speaker with you! I didn't make a picture of the inside, but it has the same orange colour as the JBL label. The case fits perfectly around the speaker, yet I can still put in my wire, so I won't lose it (because otherwise I would (-:).

It also comes with a charger, because as all good things in live you need to charge it ;-). It comes with two plugs, one for Europe and one for the UK. Usefull if you travel a lot!

And of course the speaker itself! I think the size is ideal, not to big and not to small.

How does it work?

This are all the buttons it has! Pretty easy to handle, right? The button on the right top is to turn the speaker on/off. When it's flashing blue it's simply on. When it's flashing red it's low in battery and when it's flashing red and blue it's using bluetooth. 
The button on the middle is (of course) for the volume, but you can also control the volume on your device. 
The left button (the one with the phone on it), is a little more complicated. I took me long to get how to use it, but here is what I got from it. If your calling to someone else and you press the button long or short you hang up. If there's an incoming call, you press short when you want to answer and long if you don't. When you're calling you can press short to hang up and long to switch the audio from the speaker to your phone. When you get an incoming call while you're calling you press short to put call#1 on hold and to answer call#2. When you press long you reject call #2. And when your calling two people at the same time, you press short to hang up to your current call and you press long to switch inbetween calls. For so far the simplicity...

The speaker rests/stands on the plastic 'buttons'. This system works easy and good!

The symbols on the speaker for the ones who are interested.

It has two plug-in holes! As you can see the left one is for yout charger and the right one for any extra wires.

The wire I bought!

So I have a wire to connect my IPod to my speaker. The wire I have is a Hama Connecting Cable (click here to see the exact measures in the official webshop). It is half a meter long and 10 euros on itself, which I don't think is very cheap, so I think that's a downside for this speaker. Other than that the cable works great and does what is has to do.

Some Numbers!

So the speaker is about 90 to 100 euros, which I think is a great deal for this amazing quality speaker (click here to see it in the official webshop). A little minuspoint: the battery takes three hours to charge and it lasts five hours depending on volume level and audio content. The dimensions are (diameter x Height) 63mm x 16mm. The other numbers don't tell me much, but if you want to know something, please just comment and I'll try to answer.

So, Why do I like the Flip so much?

Basically, I love the look of it and it works great. This isn't a review because I of course can't let you hear the sound quality, but I can assure you it's really really really great! I've never heared that much amazing sound coming out of such a little thing! The speaker is portable, easy to use and it looks nice. It only has a few downsides, like the long charging times and the wire that you need to buy seperately. But other than that I freakin' love this speaker and it's a really good deal for the price!
What speaker do you use?
xXx Me

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