Monday, 2 June 2014

D.I.Y.: Fimo Gumball Machine!

Hi Guys!
The next charm in the series: A Gumball Machine!
It reminds me of those machines I would always spot,
and my parents would never let me get a gum out of it.
I thought the nicest part about the machine was the glass orb,
in which you could see all the different colours of gums.
Today I'm showing you how you can make your own
minature gumball machine!

What you will need:

  •  Yellow, white and red fimo clay.
  • A clear and black nailpolish
  • A dotting tool and a little brush
  • A utility knife!

The additional colours you will need! Most of them are to create the different colours gumballs. Later on I also used a gray, blue and a rose pink colour. Just choose the colours you want to use yourself!


To start off, take your white and red clay, and roll two little balls out of it (about the size of a gumball).
 Next up, I'm going to shape the red ball. Just gently pinch the top of the ball and then -also gently- push it down to create a flat surface.
 After that I rolled out I tiny ball and pressed it down flat like this. When I made this picture, I decided this piece was a little too flat, so I redid it, but I didn't push the ball down so flat.
 For the next part of the machine, I cut out two pieces out of the yellow clay; a rectangle and a square (small enough to fit on the red part). You can als use gray clay for that, but I only had the yellow one.
Put it all together like this!
Time to bake! Just follow the instructions given on the package of clay.
Out of the oven! Let it cool down for a minimum of five minutes.

Painting! I used a dotting tool and all the different colours to make the gumballs. Make shure you don't put them all on the same height and make them overlap, because otherwise it won't look natural. I also gave the gumballs on the place of the cheecks a pink colour. Using the little paintbrush I did the mouth, and the detailing on the yellow clay. I also used a dotting tool for the eyes.
Glaze using topcoat or regular glaze, let it air dry (I suggest overnight), and you're done!
Tadaa! Now you have your own little gumball machine! You can add an eyepin to it to make a charm out of it, or you can just use it for decorating.
Do you have any home-made charms?
xXx Me

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