Friday, 6 June 2014

Essence Hup Holland Hup Fan Marker Review!

Hi Guys!
Since I haven't been living under a rock (lately),
I know the world cup is coming up.
Now, I don't know a lot about soccer,
but I do know which team I'm supporting:
the Netherlands! (Hey, I'm still Dutch!)
Recently, Essence came out with a special soccer collection,
and I took a little something home to support my home country!
Today I'm reviewing this fun marker which can paint a Dutch flag on my face in just a few seconds!

The marker itself isn't very big (it easily fits in my palm), but still looks really cute and orange! I took this marker home for €2,99, which is cheaper than buying seperate paints (I think). But hey, it's essence, what do we expect?
The stick is called '01 oranje boven', which is literally translated as 'orange above', but it would be correct english translated as 'orange on the top'. There's only one colour. But I think they do have this one in Germany with the colours of the german flag - I'm not sure if they also have these for other countries.
These are the colours found inside! They look fine this way, but I'm really curious about the pigmentation of the white colour.
The marker in its full glory! It's quite long, I think it will last me a few world cups ;-). You need to use the the tiny wheel to roll up the stick, and it works really good. It works better, faster and smoother than rolling up (some) lipbalms. Time for swatches!
 In direct sunlight
In the shadow
I was pleasantly surprised about the pigmentation! Especially because this was a very budget product. The texture is really creamy and applies like butter. Normally a plus, but it also makes this product last a lot less longer. It feels like it will never dry, and you easily smudge it just brushing over it. That being said, I thought the colours would mix up, but if you just apply it with patience and you take your time, there is no need to worry about changing the Dutch flag.
On mah face
It's also really easy to apply on your face, and it looks very cute and cool for whenever you decide to watch a Dutch team do something (Hockey, Soccer, Baseball or whatever). I like it!

Overall, I really like this marker and I will definitely use it for the upcoming world cup competition! 
What soccer or other sports teams do you support?
That leaves with me with just one thing to say: Goooooooo Holland!!!
xXx Me

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