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Lush Mask of Magnaminty Review!

Hi Guys!
Today I will be enlighting you with another review!
As you probably spotted, 
this one's about the Lush mask of magnaminty.
When I went shopping, I could of course not resist the lush,
and this is one of the things I got there.
This facial is supposed to make your blemishes, including pimples, fade away.
Let's see if this mask really works!

So one of the special things about this mask is that it's also meant to be used on your back. Since my back has the most blemishes of my whole body, I was really excited to try this mask. Also, there are two versions of this mask; one with preservatives and one without. I have the second version, meaning it preserves itself. I think the old version isn't in stores anymore, but I'm not sure.
Because I got this in a Dutch Lush, the discription is also in Dutch, but here's what is says in English:
This peppermint mask fights really hard against an uneven skin with pimples. The formula preserves itself.

As usual I can't complain about Lush packaging since it is cute, practical and good for the environment! If you bring back 5 clean and empty black packages to the Lush, you get a free mask! And let's be honest, who doesn't like free stuff?
So basically it just says you need to apply a thick coat of this stuff on clean skin, let it sit for 5/10 minutes and rinse it of with water. The peppermint should also refresh your skin. Sounds great so far!
These are the ingredients:
Honey - Kaolin - Bentonite Gel - Talc - Glycerine - Ground Aduki Beans - Evening Primrose Seeds - Peppermint Oil - African Marigold Oil - Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute - Limonene - Perfume- Chlorophyllin.
From what I can tell this mask contains lots of lovely ingredients like honey, and a lot of different oils and butters. 

My mask was made by Ben ;-)

This is what the substance looks like! I looks very thick, rich and oily. To be honest, I don't know how all that oil is going to help getting rid off blemishes, but in Lush we trust... When I was at the store, one of the employees told me that you could also leave this mask on and after that use it to scrub, and I can see how that would be possible. Let's just find out if it works in real life!

Here I only took a little bit of the mask, but it's enough to see how rough and rich it looks. It also feels that way, and it smells really pepperminty. I really like it.
This is what the substance looks like spread out. Normally you would apply it way thicker, but this is just to give you a slight impression. I can clearly see the scrubbing particles!
After using the mask the first time, I could clearly see that my blemishes shrunk, altough they didn't dissapear. Even after using it alot, it always improved my skin, but it never maked the blemishes dissapear. I've also only used on my back once, because it's very hard to apply. I did it together with my sister, it's easy then, but I think alone it wouldn't be possible to apply it well. You also have to be very careful to not get it everywhere! The scrubbing works until certain extends, as I don't feel like it works moving it around after the mask has dried up. However, when you remove it using a soft cloth with warm water while making a circle motion, it's a very nice scrub.
So all together, I think the mask is good value. It retals for about €8,60 for 125 g (the one I have), and €16,25 for 315 g. The packaging is cute, the ingredients are super, and the mask itself works nice but not to hard.
So that's it! I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Don't forget to leave a comment!
Do you use or own any lush masks?
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