Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Essence Lash Princess Mascara Review!

Hi Guys!
Today I have an exciting review for you!
As you've probably already spotted,
it's about Essence's new mascara!
In the first place I got excited by this mascara because of the packaging,
secondly because I just love essence, 
and in the third place because of the price (€ 3,39).
So let's test this mascara out to see if it can give my lashes the royal treatment they deserve!

If I was to judge by the packaging, I would say this could pass for a high-budget mascara. It looks elegant, girly, romantic and cute. I love it! 

Except only looking cute, the decorations on the mascara also have function! They are made from rubber, which means that it works as a kind of 'anti-slip' base. This is one of those things which I never knew I needed it until I had it, because I drop my mascara brush far more times than average...
The discription Essence gives about this mascara! One of the things that essence claims to be special is the 'cobra-brush for extremely thick lashes'. Let's have a look at it!
So this is the cobra-brush! It has a subtle s-shape, which should be special. As you can see, the brush collects a lot of mascara on the top and inside of the S. Therefore I only like to use the outside of the brush. I also wipe the top, because otherwise it is very easy to mess up your whole look with mascara wipes all over the face...

Here you can see how well the mascara works! Personally, I'm really satisfied by it. My lashes look thick indeed - almost to thick. You have to be very careful when applying, or you might get three lashes instead of nicely seperated ones.

I really like the way this mascara looks on my lashes. They stand out and hold shape a lot better. It makes my lashes long, thick and black. I does last pretty well, however you do have to take care when applying on the bottom lashes. This mascara tends to crumble of the lashes a bit during the day. Otherwise I love it a lot!
Overall, I love this mascara! It looks high-budget, but it isn't. It's just cheap and sells at the drug-store. Even though I have to be careful when applying, I do like the 'dramatic' effect. I don't see any clumps and my lashes don't stick together. Like a real princess!
xXx Me

Ps. A little personal update:
      I'm sorry for not uploading for such along time. My study consumes more time than I thought it would, and I also have some other difficulties at the moment. A few posts were planned to be uploaded when I was on holiday, but something went wrong, so nothing got uploaded and I lost a lot of footage. I'm starting all over again now, which also means I'm hoping I can keep up with the standards I have set for myself. Basically I will upload three times a week, but please don't shoot me if I don't make a deadline. Whatever happens, more posts are to come!

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