Saturday, 24 January 2015

Percy Jackson Camp Half-Blood D.I.Y. Tee!

Hi Guys!
Recently, I've started reading the Percy Jackson series.
As I expected, I absolutely love it!
After browsing through pinterest a little too long,
I got the idea to make one of those snazzy camp tees myself.
Of course, I don't claim this idea as mine, and I know it's been done before,
but I did discover some handy tips that might help you while making your own!
So let's get started!


  • (Scotch)tape
  • An orange top or T-shirt
  • A piece of cardboard (or another steady flat surface) that fits under your shirt
  • Acrylic paint or a textile marker
  • Optionally: a printed template or picture of the camp half-blood logo. Click on this link to find the exact picture I used.

For this project I'm using a marker containing acrylic paint. I would recommend using a textile marker, but I don't own one, so I used acylic paint. I don't know if you can wash this, but I didn't risk it.
If you don't have a marker like this, you can also use paint and a precision brush. However a marker is much easier to handle.


This is the top I'm using. It was very cheap, and perfect for this project. Just use whatever you think suits you best. If you're not really sure about drawing the logo, make sure you pic a shirt that is a bit see-through, just so you can trace the logo from the printed template. All the materials used I had lying around the house, so I think it's a very budget project.
If you're going to draw the logo, you can skip the next step.
I started with taping the template down to the cardboard. This is very important, as you do not want the template to slide around while you're drawing. I didn't line the template up completely straight, but I would recommend paying some attention to it as it makes it easier to line it up well with the shirt.
 Next, you want to line up the cardboard with the shirt. Make sure it's straight, because it would be a pitty if you made and awesome logo, but it's vertical...
It's the easiest to start by tracing the letters. As you can see, I used a bit to much paint on the first letter. So remember not to put too much paint on your brush or on your marker. The paint can bleed out quite a bit, so try to start as thin as possible, you can always make it thicker, but you can't undo it.
It's the easiest to start by outlining Pegasus, and afterwards fill him in. As you see, the paint bleeded out a bit on the wing, so really make sure you don't use to much paint.
Here I filled in everything. I really didn't like the "c", so I tried to correct it using rubbing alcohol, but the stain only got worse. After that I tried to paint over it, but it still left a stain. So it's the best to get it correct in one try. 

These are pictures of my tee before the correction, the next is after it.
Even though my shirt was see through, it really doesn't show when you just wear a white top underneath. I'm not completely happy with my tee, but we can all learn from my mistakes...
I hope you enjoyed this post! You can of course also use these tips for any other design, but I just hope they seem useful to you!
Have ever you read - or seen- (even though it's completely different) the Percy Jackson trillogy?
xXx Me


  1. wow they're awesome!! btw Percy Jackson series have 5 books, have you read all of them?

  2. YA I love percy jackson and this will really help me for the diy costume im making this year!(Annabeth)Thanks!