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Essence My Skin Combination Skin Review!

Hi Guys!
I have a really nice review for you today!
It's about the newest skincare products by Essence,
and I'm reviewing the products of the combination edition.
I really like Essence's skin care products,
because they are super affordable and they (usually) work very well!
The products in this review are the mattifying cleansing gel,
and the mattifying cream.
Let's get started!

Finally a review with skincare products for a really nice price! Before we start I'd just like to say that my skin is, when I take good care of it, quite okay. Sometimes I do tend to break-out a lot in my T-Zone and I have a pretty oily face, except around my nostrills.
This is what the two products look like, nothing different from older My Skin products. That being said, I think they still look pretty cute. It feels strong and works great.Because you squeeze the product out of the packaging is very hygenic, and dosing it is also pretty simple. There are two variations in this collection. One for dry skin and one for combination skin (the one I have). Let's see what I think about them!

The mattifying cream! (€2,69)

Information on the back

The ingredients!
The packaging!
The cream comes in a 50 ml tube, which I think is very useful. Pots may be chique and nice, but a tube is always more hygenic and easier to handle. It's supposed to be absorbed quickly and take good care of your skin, while also mattifying it. I'm really excited to see how this is going to work!

The mattifying cleansing gel! (€2,29)

Before we can apply cream, we need to clean our face. That's exactly what we're going to to with this product! This gel face wash needs to be applied to damp face using your hands or a applicator like in the picture below, and can then be rinsed off using slightly warm water. This product is not ment for the eyes, so you'll have to use something else for that. 

On this picture you can read the ingredients, and as you can see, this gel doesn't contain SLS, and I'm extremely happy with that! SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) tends to show up a lot in these poducts, because it lets the gel foam, but it dries out the skin a lot. So that's why I'm very happy there's none of that in here!

Does it work?

As you've probably figured out, on the picture above you can see the gel (left) and cream (right).
This is the cream being gradually more blended out. On the picture it might look thick, but it feels fresh and light. It's easily to distribute, and gets absorbed into the skin pretty quickly. My skin feels soft after I've used it, but I feel it makes me break on the already oily areas of my face. Besides that, it does hydrate a little bit, but it doesn't come anywhere near my more expensive the body shop moisturizer, which I also didn't expect. Sometimes I also feel it dries my skin out a little bit, but I'm a teenager, so it could just be my great old friend 'puberty'. As for reducing shine and mattifying, I think it does that, but only for a limited amount of time. It's a pretty alright cream, but it isn't really special. But I think it's good enough for the price you pay!
As for the cleasing gel, it fairly mild. The scent also isn't to strong, but it still has a nice fresh smell. It foams a little bit more then shown on the image, because it was very hard to catch a good shot of the gel in working. Anyway, it doesn't foam too much, which is okay with me because it doesn't have SLS. After usage my skin feels clean and fresh, but not dry. Because I have a very sensitive skin, I wouldn't recommend this product for daily usage. But it is a very mild product, so you have to decide for yourself. Overall, it's -again- a good product, but not very special.
Overall, I like these products. I'm glad they're very mild and the gel doesn't contain SLS, but you shouldn't expect I miracle from these two. As for mattifying, they do what they promise, but only for a limited amount of time. But if you're looking for products to simply clean your skin and take care of it, while not paying a high price (and you don't have any 'serious' skin problems), I would recommend these products to you!
How long does your skin care routine take?
xXx Me

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