Friday, 30 October 2015

Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder Review!

Hi Guys!
Long time no see!
I'm sorry for my absence, but I've been very busy with school, 
and I decided to take a break from my blog for a while.
But now I'm back, with another review, so leave any suggestions you might have in the comments!

I probably don't know any brands of which I love both the skincare and make-up equally as much as the body shop!
When I was in Rotterdam last thursday, I had to stop by the body shop and have a little look...
I was originally planning to buy Benefit's Hoola bronzer, but I didn't get the chance to stop by any benefit counters.
So when I spotted this beauty,
I decided it would be worth a try!
Let's see if it pleases all my bronzing needs!

  So this is the packaging! And I must say, it's absolutely gorgeous in my opinion! I did, however, notice my packaging differs from the official photos and those of other bloggers. So I don't know if I have a different version, or if it's just the way the photos were taken. But either way, the packaging is sleek (/compact), classy, sturdy and chique. I love the subtle honey grade print shining through, and it fits the name perfectly!
  Because I haven't really bought a bronzer before, I asked a girl who worked there for colour advice. She was very nice and advised me the shade 03 (medium matte) since I'm quite pale, but I'd like the bronzer to show up a bit. Luckily, I think she recommended the prefect shade for me, and I'm very pleased!
   A side profile! I love the gentle curve/slope. I think it makes it look high-end, which I think is not too much to ask from a bronzer of €16.00. I don't think that it is very expensive (the Hoola bronzer, for example, would have cost me €33.00), but it isn't exactly budget proof either. In comparison to the Hoola bronzer though, it is a cheaper alternative (even though Hoola comes with a little brush). But I've never owned Hoola, so I can't make a comparison in quality.
  The powder itself also has the honey grade pattern, which I think is very appropriate and looks amazing! The way the mirror fits into the lower half also makes it look and feel more valuable which I think is a great advantage. The bronzer comes in 6 shades, so there's probably one that will suit you. I don't have much experience with darker skin tones, so I'm not sure how dark the bronzer would need to be if you're darker yourself. 
    As I mentioned, the powder comes with a mirror, which is also an advantage for me. That's because when I'm on the go, and I need to use a hand-held mirror, I don't need to mess around with a big powder compact and a compact mirror at once.
Swatch time! The powder has a creamy and lovely texture to me, and looks very natural. Not streaky at all! In my opinion, they got the pigmentation just right. Some people say they can spot the occasional glimmer, but it looks completely matte to me. Time to swatch on my face!
My face with make-up, but without any foundation or bronzer/blush/highlighter. (also btw, yes I did cut my hair)
  A close-up of my face with make-up, but without any foundation or bronzer/blush/highlighter.
Quick little bonus: My eye-look. I was trying out some eye shadows by HEMA. Let me know if you like it!
 Just the bronzer!
Bronzer, Highlighter (High Beam by Benefit), and Cheeck Tint (Benetint by Benefit)
Full Face with all of it!
All in all, I love this bronzer! I don't have much experience with bronzer, but I have a lot of reasons to believe this will be my favourite for at least quite a while! It's not too expensive for the quality product you get, it looks very natural on the face, it's easy to work with, and it looks beautiful (also in the packaging)! I would recommend this product to everyone who is looking for a beautiful and high-end/quality matte bronzer, but doesn't want to make a commitment of 30 euros. So I love this product!
xXx Me

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