Friday, 6 November 2015

Lush Eau Roma Water Review!

Hi Guys!
For today I'm reviewing one of Lush most loved products!
I personally love toners (especially the Lush ones).
Like when you, for example, have had a long and difficult day,
and you're already struggling to take off all of your make-up, a toner perfect!
You won't have to spend fifteen minutes on skincare, but your skin still gets a overnight boost.
Let's test if this toner will fullfil that fantasy!

If I'm honest, almost all of my skincare is from Lush (with some Bodyshop exeptions). And 
-spoilers- : this is my third or second bottle of this toner. I have a set out skincare routine (let me know if you want to see it!), but sometimes I'm way to lazy so I like to cut out steps, but this product always remains!!
Just a little info for those who don't know: a toner is basically a substance that you use after cleaning your face, or using a mas, but before you put on any serums or creams/moisturisers. It basically helps your skin to absorb the products you aply on top better!
(for translations of the dutch text, click here to go to the official website.)
I got the small bottle (which is £4.50/100 g). The next time, however, I'll probably get the bigger bottle (£8.50/150 g), because I use this so often and it's cheaper! Honestly, I think this product is really quite cheap for how lovely it is!
Let's start superficial: the packaging! I feel like there isn't much to say, but I'll give it a try. As for lay-out; it's a typical lush exterior: black with the white font. Personally I really like that look, simply because it's so iconic and easily recognisable! The spray bottle it comes in is really hygenic and easy to use. Also, when you bring five of these kind of packages to a lush, you'll get a free face mask! I probably have more than five already, so I really need to try that sometime soon...
List of ingredients:

Natural Ingredients
Safe Synthetics
*occurs naturally in essential oils.
So all with all this product has only six ingredients! For me, it's always a plus when (skin care) products have few ingredients, because they're easier to check and I feel like it's more 'pure'. This is always a huge plush with Lush for me: the natural/effective ingredients they use!
( I love these stickers, it's sucha nice extra touch!)
Directions! It basically just says to spray directly onto your face, or a cotton pad if you prefer that. Personally, I find that this works best if you just spray it on your face 3-5 times in different areas (I usually do my forehead, cheecks, nose, and sometimes necks & chin), and than just gently dab/blend it out using my middle- and ring finger.
It also says it's aromatherapy and can be used at any moment of the day to achieve a quick fresh feeling.
The cap sprays quite big drops, so I would say it's more of a spray than a mist, which is why I don't use it on top of my make-up.
I love how this product works! I used to just use this before my body shop vitamin E night cream, which was a dream combo! After I ran out of that, I bought the vitamine E serum, but they didn't work together that well. I had some problems with my dry skin, and thought it might be because I was using an overload of products. So I decided to only use this and a regular make-up remover for like two weeks. I actually did that for a month (because I liked it so much), and it completely saved my skin! I do get some dry patches around my nostrills sometimes, but my new (minimalistic skin-care) dreamteam has solved that: this toner & and the Lush Celestial
Moisturiser (my favourite serum to use with this is the full of grace one). If you want to see a full review of any of these product, please let me know!
A picture of toner from the official website (you can see the big drops)
Overall, this is my dream toner! I have never had a better one (altough I also love the tea-tree one). It is an amazing product to use on its own, but even better in combinaton with others! It moisturises my skin like a dream, but is extremly gentle and pure at the same time. If you're looking for an extremely good toner for sensitive and/or dry skin (which also isn't to expensive), you guessed it: I only have one recommendation for you! This product is a holy grail that I never want to deprive my skin-care routine of!
xXx Me

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