Friday, 27 May 2016

Maybelline Baby Skin Review!

Hi Guys!
So today I thought I'd share a review of a really interesting primer!
I've read about many people saying it is a good dupe for benefit's porefessional primer.
Luckily, I happen to have both, so let's see if the baby skin primer lives up to its hype!

Okay, so I ordered this ages ago with some books for my sister from Amazon, and I paid 10 euros for it, but when it finally came to stores in the Netherlands, I saw it for like 6 euros. So I recommend you look out for that, because I was I little dissapointed when I saw it. By the way, why tf is this only for adults? What effect would it have on children?
Here you can see the ingredients! I've been using this primer for a while now, and prepare for a spoiler: I really don't notice a difference between this one and porefessional. I do, however, use primers like this one and porefessional under my eyes only (since concealer creases very easily on me and I need something a lil' extra to keep it in place during the day), and I use the Nivea Men afstershave balm (Thanks Nikkie) for the rest of my face. I also use Urban Decay's All Nighter, so that helps.
Porefessional is lightly scented, tintend and feels a bit softer/lighter, but I don't notice a difference in their lasting power. But I do notice a big difference in price...
This is what the opening of the tube looks like! I think it is very effective! You can control the amount you squeeze out very easily (I only use a little), and it is very hygenic as well.
It just comes in this tube, with no other extra packing, which is good, 'cause I don't like unnecessary waste. It's also very cute, steady and not to big so it's good to travel with.
(Shhh - I know my pinky looks broken in this picture) Anyway, I'm obsessed with how this looks! I know it's just a clear blob, but it looks like some kind of water drop and I love it.
These pictures were taken a while ago, so I don't use these products anymore, but I used this cream and the Benefit Fake-Up under my eyes. I now use the mac pro-long wear (which, btw, the girl at the mac counter matched me to NC20, but that was way to dark), which I love so much, because I don't need to use multiple products anymore to get the coverage I want.
So this is the primer with the products I mentioned earlier! It looks so natural, but I think that credit mainly goes to benefit for their fake-up. This picture was taken after an entire day of school, so you can really see how well it holds up! When I feel fancy, I'll use the porefessional, but for every-day/school I'll use the Baby Skin. I really like it!
I really like this primer! I don't use it on my entire face, but for the money, I'd recommend this to everyone! It (the packaging) looks cute, it is easy to use, and it keeps my under-eye concealer on very well! It doesn't make my make-up look cakey it all, which I love as well. So this product definitely works for me, and I would compare to porefessional.

What is you favourite primer for under-eye make-up?

xXx Me

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