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Sleek Eye & Cheeck Palette Dancing Til Dusk Review!

Hi Guys!
Today I have another first time review:
this time I'm discussing a product by Sleek make-up!
This brand wasn't available in Dutch stores for quite a long time,
so when I spotted it, I knew I needed to get something.
I had heard really good things about sleek's blushes and eye shadow palettes,
so I really wanted to try those.
Then, however, I realised I had just splashed out on some amazing benefit products, 
and I couldn't really afford getting like three blushes and two eye shadow palettes...
After scanning the shelves for ages, I spotted this product,
and I knew what I was going to get!
Two blushes and four eyeshadows for €12.49, let's see how much they're actually worth!

Dun Dun Dun... The box gives you an idea of what the colours inside will be like!! But Let's move on to see what's really important: what is inside...
(Just kidding I took like 100 pictures of the outside because I was so excited)
So there's a few variations on this palette, but I got number 027 because I liked the blush colours the most, and I thought I would use them on a regular basis.
More information... I originally wanted to just get the rose gold blush (as a dupe for the Nars Orgasm), but they didn't have it at my local store, and I didn't know what blush colour to get besides that one. Which is why I decided to settle for this one! This is like the perfect basics-set for sleek: they're, I guess, pretty well known for their eyeshadow palettes and blushes, so this gives you a sample of both!
(Almost there... The ingredients for anyone who is interested!)
Aaaah! I love it when packaging has this kind of fancy colour inside (like the fake-up concealer), it just makes me feel so fancy and special... I really like hot pink as well!
And we've finally made it to the actual palette! Prepare for a few photographs, because let me just say, I think it's really pretty and it photographs absolutely gorgeous as well!
The Palette is quite compact and feels really Sleek (hahaha) and sturdy. I like the classy look of it, but it does really show any stains or fingerprints. I, however, don't have a problem with that, since I get all my make-up dirty anyway (I'm not proud)... So the packaging is totally something I like!
(Okay, I promise this is the last one)
So this is information on the products that are actually in the palette. As I mentioned before, you get two blushes and four eyeshadows. I think they're bigger when you buy them seperate (at least the blushes), but then they would also be more expensive.
It's so pretty! When I bought this my main focus was on the pink blush, because I thought it would become like my everyday blush colour, but spoiler: a few week after I bought it (like right now), I noticed that I actually reach for Sahara (the more warm/brown toned one) more than the pink one. I don't know why, because I thought the pink was sooo pretty, but I guess Sahara is little more wearable and natural.
(Drool, drool...)
(Just kidding, one more pic of the packaging...)
And here we are! If I'm honest, I really just use nude eyeshadows (brown and pink tones) in my daily eyeshadow look, so these tones wil come in really handy! I do, however, prefer matte shadows over shimmery ones (especially for in the crease) so I don't really think I will be using the dark shimmery one in the top corner. The grey one next to that is really subtle, so we will se how much I'll use that one...
A picture of the palette in direct sunlight, so you can see a clear difference between the matte and sparkly shades...
One more picture to express just how much I love this palette
You get two applicators with this palette. This is the first one, and I think it's intended for blush, but the bristles are so hard they'll probably break any blush you try to use it with. I recently got the real techniques blush brush, so I definitely won't be using this.
A picture of me pressing on the bristles to indicate how rough they are...
You also get the standard sponge applicator, which I also don't use. So you wouldn't need to buy the palette for the applicators. But hey, at the same time, this isn't an expensive palette for all the products you get, and good brushes would have raised the price. I also think most people already have a favourite set of brushes they use for eyeshadow.
It is swatch-time! Let's start with the blushes. On the left we have the mirrored pink blush, and next to that is sahara. As you can see, they're both really pigmented! They apply really well (with the right brushes), and I'd like to say maybe Sahara even a bit better/smoother.
This picture isn't very clear, but it shows the gold shimmers in the pink blush really well. I really like the pink for the apples of the cheeks and the Sahara more for the outer part of my cheek bones. I love both of these blushes!
On to the eyeshadows! I have quite a lot of pictures of these swatches, because my camera lens can't focus on a lot of things in the same picture. So enjoy!
As you can see, two of the four shadows are matte. I think my favourite is the one on the left. I think the shimmer is really pretty. I already have a lot of dark browns, but a few additions to the collection won't harm. The second shade to the right is my least favourite, because I honestly don't know what to do with it. Let me know if you have any ideas!
I really like the texture of these shadows! They're really smooth and easy to blend and work with. With a good eyeshadow primer, (I use the stay don't stray by Benefit) they will also last all day! All the sleek eyeshadows have this great quality, so I'm not really surprised, but that doesn't mean I'm not impressed.
This picture really shows how pretty the shade on the left is!
When I wrote this review, I tested the pink blush with a really cheap blush brush. The bristles weren't the softest, but also not too hard. It was fine with sahara, but it kinda crumbled mirrored pink. I might make your palette messy (while traveling or something), so just keep that in mind.

Even though I have more (high-end) palettes, I still can't handle palettes with a magnetised lid/closing system. It makes me feel so fancy!
All with all, this is an amazing palette! It's great if you're new to Sleek and want to try-out some great products, but don't want to spend a lot of money. I'll probably use many of these shades in my daily routine, so for me it's great value! Just make sure you'll use the product before buying, and I think you will love the palette and the quality of it!
xXx Imke

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