Friday, 5 April 2013

All about circle lenses

So, today I'm writing an articel about Circle Lenses. I just got my first ones, so there will be a review on them later. For this artcile i'll be explaining everything about these lenses. here are some pictures of them:

Now you already know more about circle lenses <{~^-^~}>
I personally love the lolita style, altough i'm not Lolita, since almost nobody in the Netherlands is lolita. I'll be doing this article by answering common questions.

Are circle lenses dangerous?
I will never say circle lenses aren't dangerous, but it depends on how you take care of them. Also make sure your lenses aren't illegal. Because the diameter of circle lenses is larger then normal lenses, less oxygen comes into you eye. But if you take proper care, ther won't be any problem.

How do I have to take care of my lenses/How do i open the vial they come in/How do i put them in and take them out??
I'm doing these three questions together because i'll be showing you guys a video, and in most videos these three things are put together. I do not own these videos, except for the last one.

Because I did a lot of research befor buying circle lenses, I also watched a lot of videos, and these are the ones I learned much from. But if you just search on 'circle lenses' or 'how tot ake care about circle lenses' on youtube, you wil find more videos.

What can I do best before I buy my first pair of circle lenses?
First, make sure you are good to wear lenses. When you are ordering your first pair, I also would recommend ordering from GEO, and choose for a smaller diameter. My first pair is 14 mm, which is actually fine. If you get your lenses, whatever you do, but don't put them straight from the bottle in to your eyes! Let them soak in clean solution for at least 8 hours. I prefer doing this overnight. Also i recommend choosing the first time choosing for a natural pair (like GEO s nudy collection, but i ordered from the angel colour collection). Also the most important, MAKE SURE THAT YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!

Where should i buy circle lenses?
I personally prefer buying my circle lenses online. I like PinkyParadise and for dutchies: GeoCandy. In the Netherlands I can't find a shop for circle lenses, so i buy al my lenses online. Usually circle lenses come with a lense case (not at geocandy). A average package looks like this:

(the lenses are not already in the case). To see how to open the bottle, watch one of the videos (not de 1st and last one).

If you have any questions about circle lenses, just leave a comment below!
Thanks for reading!
xXx LolLoveLife

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