Friday, 13 September 2013

Review Rimmel London Scandaleyes retro glam mascara!

Hi guys!
So today's review is on the rimmel london scandaleyes retro glam mascara.
Let's be honest: I think the most important factor in every look is the mascara.
The most of us will agree that a fab eyelook just isn't finished without mascara.
So to try to help you to find (gosh what a lot of tos :-) a mascara that glams up your whole face, and opens your eyes, I bring you: The mascara reviews!
This and next week I will be posting some mascara reviews,
to help you out!

The packaging and brush:

the packaging
the brush
The packaging looks really nice in my stash! It has curved shapes, and due to the form, it is easy to hold!
The brush is shaped in a two ball form: A bigger ball to the steel, and a smaller ball at the end of the brush. I love that! The smaller ball is really easy if you want to reach your inner lashes, and also usefull for coating your lower lashes!

The swatches:


The swatches next to each other:

                                             without mascara           with mascara
When using this mascara you mustn't be scared by a little bit of clumps. I really like this mascara, because it really opens up my eyes. The mascara doesn't seperate the lashes that well, but i think it still looks nice. This mascara really is longlasting! I go to school by bike, and  haven't had even the smallest smudge until so far! If you don't like the effect of this mascara with only one layer, you can apply a second coat without being afraid of spider-legs lashes, but I'm satasfied with one coat.

The Marks!

Seperation: 6.8/10 This mascara doesn't give big clumps hanging on the top of your lashes, but it also doesn't have the maximum seperation. That's the way (ahaha:-) i like it!

Longlasting: 9.5/10 Love it! Since i go to school by bike and I'm always a little bit sweaty when I arrive, and this mascara never has smudged, i really love it!

Packaging: 8/10 Packaging looks nice in your stash and feels nice in your hand, so it's easy to use! (though i don't really get why it is called retro glam)

Brush: 9/10 Unic shape and easy to use! It's easy to coat all your lashes using the ball on the end of the brush. Also you are very quickly done using the mascara!

The average:

8.3: I really love this mascara, so i think this is a good average! I use it daily now, just because it's so easy to use and it's long-lasting!

I hoped you enjoyed reading this review!

EUR 12,99 (12 ml)

What is your favourite mascara?

xXx Me 

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