Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Review Essence's be loud jumbo sheer stick and jumbo eye pencil!

Hi Guys!
Don't you just love everything big?
Big hair, big dress, I love it!
Maybe that's the reason I fell In love with the new Essence collection?
It's called be loud, and the name says it all: BIG!
I took home the be loud jumbo sheer stick in 01 pink me and the be loud jumbo eye pencil in i'm all riot!
So I'll be reviewing those two today!
Let's start :-).

Be Loud jumbo eye pencil I'm all riot!

I would describe this colour as a green, brown grey-ish shade. A beautyfull colour! It has a really strong pigementation, espicially when you go over the line few times. The texture is very ceamy and easy to apply. You have to sharpen this pencil, so can't like turn it out of the stick. A con of having to sharpen a jumbo pencil is you need to buy a sharpener with a extra big hole. The packaging is slim, basic and cute, just like we know Essence! The pencil is sharpenable, smudgeproof, waterproof and defenitly long-lasting!

This is the jumbo pencil as eyeliner. And I love it! It has a natural finish, and thanks to the creamy texture you can easily 'wiggle' the pencil between your lashas for fuller looking lashes. Using it along the out 1/3 of your bottom lashline, it gives a natural, slightly enlarging, effect. The shade looks great with my eye colour!

Since a lot of beautybloggers love this stick as eyeshadow base, I tried that to. I really don't recommend using this as eyeshadow only, but you could use it as eyeshadow base. You really need to be carefull wth the edges, because otherwise it will get very wobbly. I didn't smudge the base out in the pictures, but I would do this wearing it outside!

The eyelook I created with the jumbo pencil as base! I applied a light pink and the essence metal glam eyeshadow I reviewed on the eyeshadow base on my lid. After that I slightly winged the eyshadow base out, but I didn't apply anything on top of it. Then, I lined the inner 2/3 of my eyes with the essence pencil I also reviewed, and blended it in to the eyeshadow base. I did a natural eyeliner along my upperlashline for fuller looking lashes, and applied black mascara on the top lashes. I used a pastel blue mascara on the outer 1/3 of my bottom lashes (with the jumbo pencil under it), to blend in with the blue liner. After that I just highlighted my brow bone and... done! I really like the look, and I think it's something you could wear a to a night out ;-). The jumbo pencil served well as a eyeshadow base! I didn't need any eye primer.

Be Loud jumbo sheer stick 01 pink me


Aah! Can we just take a minute and appreciate how awesome this stick looks? This stick is obviously inspired by the clinique chubby sticks, but who cares? As it says, it is a sheer stick, so it isn't that loud, but I like it. It doesn't look like you have a shitload of lipstick on your lips, it doesn't look like you are wearing no lipstick, but it also isn't a my lips but better colour. Just a  verry pretty sheer lipstick! The texture is very creamy and very easy to apply (evenly). You can twist the stick out by turing the bottom pat of the stick to the right.
with the jumbo sheer stick
without the jumbo sheerstick
As I said a really nice colour! If you apply it a few times, the colour gets more intense, so it's just what you like. It makes my lips feel soft, but it doesn't last long. It definitly needs to be reapplied after a meal. But come on, that can't be a punishment with the awesome looking stick!

Pros jumbo eye pencil

  • great colour
  • longlasting, waterproof, smudgeproof and sharpenable
  • easy to apply (creamy substance)
  • €2,59
  • natural finish
  • good pigmentation
  • nice packaging

Cons jumbo eye pencil

  • you need to have/buy a sharpener with a bigger hole to sharpen it
  • a very dark colour, and you must like that as a eyeshadow base
  • difficult to blend
  • limited edition

Pros jumbo sheer stick

  • Awesome packaging
  • nice natural colour
  •  €2,59
  • feels nice on your lips
  • easy to apply
  • beautyfull shine
  • my lips feel soft after wearing this
  • you can twist the stick out

Cons jumbo sheer stick

  • not long lasting
  • if you like strong lip sticks, you don't like this (same with shine)
  • limited editon
I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost s much as I enjoyed making it!

Are going to buy/ Have you bought something from Essence's Be Loud collection?

xXx Me
Ps. Let me know if you like me to do pros and cons, or if you like a mark list better, like for example in my reviews for the nude lipglosses(/creams)
PPs, Also let me know if you like my new lay-out!

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