Monday, 4 November 2013

Rimmel London Glam'eyes trio eye shadow 700 martime review!

Hi Guys!
It has been a huge trend lately: Blue eyeshadow.
So when this blue eye shadow trio got send to me,
I got really excited to try it.
It's the Rimmel London Glam'eyes trio eye shadow in 700 martime (gosh what a long name)(€9,99).
Let's start!

The Review!

the package
the brand
the opened eye shadow trio
the sponge applicator that comes with it
the back
close-up of the instructions
  Close-up of the shadows

My first impression of the palette is good. It has a simple solid package with enough instructions and information. What I don't get is that it says it 'complements' brown eyes. I have blue/green eyes, but I'm still going to use it. On the back of the package it tells you how to make two looks. Neither include all of/only the colours in the palette, which is kind of weird. The eyeshadow trio comes with a sponge applicator, which I never use. I just don't like the effect it gives. The applicator has one pointy and one round side. If you don't have/use brushes, it is usefull that the applicator had two different sides.

The swatches!

I'll be doing two rows of swatches: one without and on with eyeshadow primer. Left is without and right with.
 the primer I used (from essence), it's the nicest budget eyeshadow base I know!

As you can see, the texture of the swatches with primer (the ones on the right) is a lot finer. Also the colours come out a lot better, however I would have liked it better if the 3rd shade would have been darker. They suggest using it as a kind of eyeliner, but I think it isn't even dark enough to apply in the crease. The Texture of the shadows is very soft. This is a picture from the palette after making the swatches:
It is very hard to keep the black plastic and the transparant cap clean, which I don't like because I like to keep my palettes clean. The pigment of the shadows is great, and I espicially  love the white highlighter. Altough the pigmentation is great, I wish the bottom shade had been darker.

The look!

And that's where the bad things start to come in. Because in my opinion it is just like all the pigment is gone when I applied it to my eyes. The only colour that still had it's pigment was the higlighter. The light blue you can't see at all, and I made the darker blue darker by adding brown over it, to give at least a little bit of definition to my eyes. To make it look like it made little sence, I lined my eyes with the essence long lasting eye pencil in 17 tu-tu-touqoise. I also noticed I had a lot of fall-out, which I've never had before. I do like the highlighter, but the other shadows are rubish. I'm very sorry, but out of this palette I can only use the highlighter.


  • Pretty colour
  • Swatches show good pigementation
  • Practical packaging with clear instructions and information
  • Highlighter works great on the brow bone
  • Long lasting and nice texture using an eyeshadow base
  • Nice arrangement of the shadows, looks very playfull and brushes fit in it
  • The sponge applicator has two different sides


  • Even with eyeshadow base a lot fall-out
  • A very granular texture
  • The darkest colour in the palette isn't that dark
  • The sponge applicator is almost useless
  • Very soft texture, so after using it one time, you can really see the difference in the eyeshadow
  • Because of the soft texture it's very hard to keep the packaging clean
  • €9,99 is very expensive for the quality you get
  • Neither of the looks on the back inculdes all of/only the shades in the palette
  • This palette is only recommended for brown eyes
I'm really disapointed about this eyeshadow trio, and I think I will never use again, except for the highlighter maybe. 
Do you like blue eyeshadow?

xXx Imke

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