Friday, 29 November 2013

This or That Beauty Tag!

Hi Guys!
I've got another tag for you today!
Don't worry,
I'm working on my reviews, but I have a lot of problems taking pictures (lighting,camera, file error etc.)
But  I'm working on them!
Since it took me so long to take pictures and just upload something,
I've decided to do this tag!
Hope you enjoy!

Tag questions: 


Blush or bronzer: Blush! I really love a sweet and soft look and of course you can't miss a cute pink or Peach blush in that kind of look! I actually don't use Bronzer, but I sometimes do countour a bit, when I'm wearing my hair back.

Lipgloss or lipstick: Lipgloss! Easier to apply and to correct troughout the day. I personally also have a lot more lipglosses than lipsticks. Also I think that in general lipgloss looks less harsh.

Eye liner or mascara: Definitely Mascara! I do use eyeliner sometimes, but I can also use a dark eyeshadow for that, because I don't use it for straight and slimm lines, I only use it to darken the area around my lashline. And mascara really changes something in my face! My eyes are the most important feature on my  face, and mascara really makes them look bigger and opens them up. Together with my lash curler impossible to miss!

Foundation or concealer: Concealer. I don't have a lot of pimples, so I don't really need foundation. Besides that, foundation looks cakey and wears away a lot faster than concealer. I like to spot-treat my dark circles and imperfections, which also is better for my skin!

Neutral or colour eye shadow: Neutral, just because i wear neutral eye looks a lot more often. Coloured eyeshadow looks can look amazing, but for school or work it might be a bit over the top. And on top of that, i have blue eyes, and earth-colours (e.g. brown) complement blue eyes.

Pressed or loose eye shadows: Pressed! Loose colour pigments can work really awesome and intens (espicially glitter pigments), but I personally think it's really hard to not make a mess of my make-up stash when I use these ;-).

Brushes or sponges: Brushes, altough I really like sponges for the face (e.g. to apply concealer or foundation with), because sponges (or a stippling brush) give the most natural effect. But if this question is sponges or brushes for everything, I choose brushes because I really can't think of a way to apply eyeshadow, blusher or how to blend using sponges.


Long or short: Short! I play the violin, so can't even grow them long :-). Af course I can appreciate long nails, as long as they are not extremely long and they look neat. 

Acrylic or natural: Natural! Acryl can be really nice, but most of the time it looks really fake and barie like, which is not he look I prefer.

Brights or darks: Brights! They just come across a lot happier! However, when I'm lazy, I prefer darks, because they only need one or two layers while a light colour can requier more coats.

Flower or no flower: Flower! I really love a little detail on my nails, it just makes them so much more intersting. I like to use an accent nail, a glitter topcoat, dotting tool or nail-art stickers (flowers)!


Curly or straight: Curly! I have really thick hair, and when it is completely straigthend, it looks really weird. But I do straighten little strange bobbles in my hair :-) (my hair isn't curly, but has a kind of natural 'wave').

Bun or ponytail: Ponytail! My hair is far to short to make a messy top bun, but I can make different styles of ponytailes.

Long or short: Short, or actually middle length! It is not to short to make a ponytail, and also not to long to take proper care of.

Light or dark: Both? I have a blond/dark-blond dip dye- and I love it!

Side sweep bangs or full bangs: I love full bangs if they suit the person well, but mostly that's not he case, so side sweep bangs. But if the do suit you well: definitly full bangs!


Rain or shine: Shine! Do I need to explain this? What kind of sick person would choose rain?

Summer or winter: In the winter the summer and in the summer the winter :-).

Fall or spring : Definitely the spring! No fall wind, Leaves or rain. Also it is not such a big shock from the warm and beautiful summer to the cold and windy seasons!

Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate! Yummm... Always good, and also an extra goodie for that time of the month ;-). I want it in and over my icecream! My favourite chocolate definitely is dark chocolate!

This was the this or that beauty tag!
I hope you enjoyed reading it!
What choices would you have made different?

What is you favourite kind of chocolate?

xXx Me
Ps. Please Beawere that I deleted some question because they were not relevant for me, or because otherwise the blogpost would be really long.

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