Monday, 2 December 2013

My favourites + Mini reviews!

Hi Guys!
Of course everyone has it's favourites.
His/her favourite book, website or dress.
And everyone who uses make-up,
has it's cosmetic favourites.
So today I'll be sharing some of my absolute cosmetic favourites with you!
Hopefully you see some products your own yourself or some poducts that look nice to you.
Let's get started!


My favourite foundation/BB Cream! The BB Allround Foundation (€ 5,99) by Catrice. I have it in 020 Rosy Beige, the colour is normally on the white sticker you see, but mine faded away. I love it! It has great coverage, spf 30 and is very budget (at least not expensive for a good BB cream). I would not call this a BB Cream tough, it's more a foundation. It has a little bit of caring ingredients in it, but you really can't replace it with your day cream. Works amazing for dark circles, red areas or really any kind of small inperfections.

The Rimmel London Concealer in 002 Sand (eu 8,99 $10,-)! I did a full blogpost review on this one! Click here if you want to read that. Over all, this concealer is really nice for when your looking for a good concealer that covers your blemishes (eg pimples or spots). Love it!

The Essence all about matt! fixing compact powder (€2,99)! A very basic but very good translucent powder. Click here for my full review about this product! This powder is made to mattify and make your make-up last, and that is what is does, and it does it amazing! The best budget powder ever! Only the packaging is really crappy, but it is about the powder itself, right? A few other pros: Doesnt give the pancake effect, spare in usage, easy to get (in the drugstore and online), fits every skin tone, makes my skin more smooth and essence doesn't do animal testing!

The catrice multi-colour blush I(€ 3,99) in 060 Strawberry Frappucino. One of the most beautifull blushes ever. A sweet princessy-pink colour, ideal for on the apples of my cheecks. A really nice slimm and strong packaging, and big enough for a blush brush to fit in. You can also choose to only use on of the colour, but then you have to be more precise with your brush. The colour combination is chosen very well. The blush is completely matt. You can also use the darkest shades to shape, and the lighter shades to highlight. If you mix all the colour together, you get a peachy blush. Fits every skin tone!


The essence I love Stage eyeshadow base (€2,49)! The best eyeshadow primer I have ever tried! Prevends fall out and creasing, and also makes the colours you apply turn out brighter. This primer has a little pigment, which is usefull if you have a darker skin tone. If you are very light, you won't see the colour.

The Hema Bright Kohl duo pencil  in 04. A duo pencil with a brown colour with a little bit of glitter, and a green colour. I never use the green colour, but I use the brown one every day under my lower lashline. Just a really nice and soft kohl pencil!

The Catrice Made To Stay Inside Eye Highlighter Pen (€ 2,89) in 010 In The Mood For Nude. They call this a inside Eye Highlighter Pen (by which you normally  think of an inner eye corner highlighter), but basically with inside eye they mean the waterline, that that's what this works amazing for! A nude waterliner to make your eyes naturally look bigger. This is one of the only pencils I know that really lasts on the waterline. You could also use it for the inner eye corner, but I use another highlighter for that. Another pro: It has a build in sharpener (second picture)! You pull it out from the back of the pencil. This sharpener comes across really usefull to me, because normally you can't sharpen these kind of pencils. An absolute favourite!

The Catrice Made to stay highlighter pen (€ 3,89 ) in 010 Eye Like! One of the best highlighters ever! Actually, I should have put this pen under "Face", but I placed it under eyes, because I mostly use it to highlight my inner eye corner, and I sometimes use it for the tip of my nose and my cupidsbow. A really pretty shimer, and definitly long lasting. There are three differen colours of this pen: Eye Like, Eye Want and Eye need, but this is my absolute favourite!

The only product I didn't forget to swatch! The Catrice Liquid eyeshadow (€ 3,99) in 020 Gold n' Roses. A pitty it has a overspray, but still very beautifull. I don't wear eyeshadow on a daily basis, but if I do, I will most likely wear this colour along with some earth tones. Só Pretty! A sweet pink colour with rose golden shimmer. Really pigmented! And besides that, can we take a moment to just look at the patern? Aah, just like lquid metal ;-). The finish of this eyeshadow isn't metallic, but still gorgeous! And very important: Budget!

 On stand 1
My favourite everyday mascara! The Rimmel London 123 Looks Adjustable Volume Mascara (€12,99)  in 001 Black. The idea behind this mascara is that you can have three different levels of volume. 1 is the most natural and 3 the most dramatic. The difference is the amount of mascara on the brush. On level one there is the least mascara on the brush and the upper part is the farest away from the lower part. On level 3 there is the most mascara on the brush and the upper part is connected with the lower part. Personally this doesn't add anything extra for me, because I always wipe the mascara brush of before I use it, to avoid clumpy lashes. But one I curl my lashes and use this mascra, it works amazing! Love it!

The second mascara I absolutly adore! The essence get BIG lashes volume boost waterproof mascara (€2,59)! Best. Waterproof. Mascara. Ever! Nothing gets this mascara of your lashes. Sometimes even make-up remover can't do the trick. This mascara gives of enough product, gives volume, is black, separates (at least when you wipe it of on a tissue) and most af all waterproof! If your are looking for a waterproof mascara, I really recommend this one! (Please know that every set of lashes is different, so what works great for me, might be awfull for you.)


How it should look:
Eye Brow Set 010
Eye Brow Set 010
How mine looks:

This is the Catrice Eyebrow set (€ 3,99) in 010. The best eyebrow powder I have ever used! In the little drawer on the bottom, it has a very tiny brush, spoolie and pincet. Really usefull! Another plus is that it has a mirror on the cap (the cap that broke of). The damage on the packaging happened when it took it to school, and nothing survives my school bag... But over all the package is really usefull and strong. It comes with two colours powder, which is usefull if you use both (like me, but I obviously use the darker colour more), but I you don't do that, it's a waste of money. Really nice tough!


Since I normally don't wear lipglosses or lipstick, neither of those are in my favourites! I do really love this lip balm! Just look at the ingredients, doesn't it make you happy? A really smooth and caring/moisturizing lip balm, which really works for my lips. I have reviewed this lip balm. Click here if you want to read it. Over all, best lip balm I've ever tried!

That were my favourites!
Do you own any of these products, or do you want to get some of these?
What is your all-time favourite make-up product?
I hoped you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!
xXx Me

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