Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas-Sequin eye look Photo Tutorial!

Hi Guys!
It has been a long time since I've done a turorial.
And because Christmas is coming closer
I decided to do a tutorial on simple Christmas look with a sparkly, fun and cute little addition!
The eyeshadow look is really simple,
but the sequins are what makes this look a special Christmas or New Year's eve look!
Let's get started!

What do you need?

From this palette you are only going to need the numbered colours, so you can search for dupes

From this palette you are only going to need the numbered colours, so you can search for dupes. Click here if you want to read my review about this palette.
Catrice liquid metal eyeshadow in 020 Gold n' Roses

I broke out the left colour :-). This is the Rimmel london Glam'eyes trio eye shadow in 700 martime. Click here for my review. You only need the white highlighter!

The Rimmel London 123 Looks Adjustable Volume Mascara in 001 Black. 
The essence I love Stage eyeshadow base
The Catrice Made To Stay Inside Eye Highlighter Pen in 010 In The Mood For Nude
A sequin cut in half (I recommend using nail scissors)

And last but not least: Eyeshadow brushes, lash curler and if prefered concealer!

How to! 

 Start of with just a 'naked' eye. You can already do your eyebrows! I didn't conceal my circles yet, because I'm  going to do that afterwarts, so that I can hide fall-out ;-)

 Now prime your eyes! You also want to prime under your eye, because you basically need to prime everywhere you apply eyeshadow.

After that I applied nr.2 all over the moving lid.

  Here I've applied the Catrice liquid metal eyeshadow in 020 Gold n' Roses over it, for sparkle and pigment!

I mixed nr. 1,3&5 to get the red, brown, bronzy colour I wanted for in my crease. Then I blended nr.4 from the outer-V into the moving lid. After that I used nr.2 To blend out my crease.
Using nr. 2, you want to line your upper lashline and crease. After you have done that, you are going to blend it out for intensity. You can also use a liquid liner or something like that to line your upper lashline, but I decided not to do that simply because I don't have (a working) one ;-)

Mix nr.1, 1 and the white highlighter together and highlight the browbone!
 Now use nr. 1&5 to line the outer third of your lower lashline (and curl your lashes!)
Now you can apply mascara, highlight your waterline and inner eye corner, and the wearable look is done! Apply mascara on your lower lashes if you want to stop here, but don't if you are going for the little addition!

Time to cut the sequin! 

 Apply a stroke of lash glue under your lower lashes and wait for it to turn transparant. Lift your lower lashes while doing this! You don't want glue stuck in them!

 Now it's time for the fun part: Applying the sequins! Use tweezers and carfeully place the sequins under your eye. You can apply mascara on your lower lashes, but I decided not to do this because than the sequins stand out better. You can choose yourself how many sequins you want to apply. You can now carefully apply concealer around the sequins if you want to! Done!

Eyes closed! 

 Everything looks better with a filter!

I hope that this tutorial was usefull for you or at least fun to read!
Have you ever used sequins for a make-up look, or are you going to?
Don't forget to comment ;-) and thanks for reading!
xXx Me


  1. I would do it, but I guess it doesn't fit on me hahah! Anyway congratulations! you're very talented with manual works! and your eye is quite beautiful! :D
    your dutch art is remarkable! What a great dutch artist! hahah
    Greetings from Colombia!

    1. Hi Samuel!
      I'm sure it would suit you, hahaha ;-).
      Greeting from Holland!