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Perfume Reviews! (Bruno Banani Pure Woman, Vogue Girl Ladybird andTherme Zen White Lotus Energizing Body Mist)

Hi Guys!
I'm trying out a lot types of reviews,
and today I wanted to try Perfume Reviews!
I've never done this before, so excuse me when I forget to mention something :-).
I'll be reviewing the bruno banani pure woman eau de toilette, Vogue Girl Eau de Toilette Ladybird and Therme Zen White Lotus Energizing Body Mist.
Let's start!

Now before I start, I want to clear something up first. There's a differcence between Perfume and Eau de Toilette! To help you understand the difference here's the meaning of eau de toilette:
Eau de toilette. Sometimes used to describe the same concentration as cologneeau de toilettecan contain up to around 10% aromatic essence. The top notes – the first scent released by a perfume – are dominant, making it refreshing when it is applied, and it evaporates and fades away quite quickly. Eau de toilette and cologne are the most popular forms in which fragrance is sold, and are particularly appropriate for the summer. 

I also will be reviewing a body mist, and that again is something different (I just put perfume in the title otherwise it would be even longer). A body mist is -explained briefly- A lighter scent to spray over your whole body (and most of the time also can be used on e.g. pillows or sheets). 

Enough of that, Let's start the review!

Bruno Banani Pure Woman Eau de Toilette 

13,95 € /20 ml - 19,95 € /40 ml

 The cardboard packaging around it
 The ingredients
Let's start by talking about the information and the packaging itself a bit. As you can see I have the 20 ml edition. The largest edition is 40 ml. The flacoon of the 40 ml one is a little skinnier and longer. 20 ml doesn't sound like much, but it is going to last you very long. The cardboad packaging looks classy (,pink) and appealing to me, but can look a tiny bit cheap. It's a nice twist however that the packaging isn't straight; on the first picture you see it leans to the side a bit. Not something you see very often and it makes this packaging special! The main ingredient is alcohol denat, something you often see with cheaper parfumes.

 Pretty flacoon teaser...

To give you an idea of how big it is
Top notes: Green mandarin, Black Currant and Freesia
Middle notes: Peony, cyclamen and Mango
Base notes: Amber and Vanilla

I really love the flacoon! It feels really strong (good for travelling!), and since you never can go wrong with pink for my feeling, it looks really awesome! The curved and twisted shape of the flacoon also make it unic and nice to display! Plus points for the flacoon!

This scent smells really fruity and sometimes a bit sour (because of the mandarin), when you spray it on it smells really exotic and fruity, also a little bit sweet. After the topnotes are gone, you can clearly smell the mango. Yummy! It smells really refreshing! When only the base notes are left, you can still smell the mango a bit and it stills smells good, but the amber gets stonger (not to strong).  After an hour the vanilla is the strongest. I absolutely adore this eau de toilette! Altough the lasting power isn't to long (2-3 hours), I will be wearing this more often. But I can imagne this is more a scent for teenagers, not for woman. A really fruity (and a tiny bit flowery) scent for a sunny summer day, but also great when you are in a bad mood!

Click here to buy it in the bruno banani webshop.

Vogue Girl Eau de Toilette Ladybird

from € 2,99 to €4,95 to € 12,99

 The packaging is in Dutch and French, but I've translated it in to English:
Enjoy the delicious scent of VOGUE Girl Ladybird Eau de Toilette.
Lightly sensual and exotic, that's the exclusive scent from VOGUE Girl Ladybird. Experience the delicious sweet smell! This cheerful smell lasts exta long.
This eau de toilette is particularly made for younger girls, and it's easy to notice that from the packaging! Really playfull and a bit childish, but in some way I like it and I think it's cute. These little sprays are made to take in your bag. Pluspoints! Small and slimm packaging is easy and light to travel with (you can take it on a plane!). As I expected the main ingredient as alcohol denat. In the prices I mentioned that some places sell them for € 12,99, but most places sell them for €4,95, which is a great deal. The substance has a sweet light pink colour, which seems quite appealing and cute to me. I have a little con tough: the content really isn't much, and depending on how intense you use it, it won't last you long. This is my second packaging, and I've never had to buy a second flacoon for any kind of perfume.
 What you see when you pull out the fragrance!

I'm very sorry, but I can't find the official notes anywhere. I would describe this scent as fresh, exotic smell with hints of fruity notes.  Unic about this smell is that it is sweet and fresh at the same time. In some way this smell really reminds me of spring. I would almost say this eau de toilette smells cute! The smell doesn't change, yay! As a kid this was my favourite perfume. Now I guess that the scent is a little bit to childish for me, but I don't care! I'm still in love with it :-). I would say tough that the flacoon might be a bit to fragile for in your bag. Do not pack in ovefull bags ;-)! (Side note: While writing this review I can't stop smelling the paper with the perfume -welcome to my life-)

Therme Zen White Lotus Energizing Body Mist

from € 6,95 to € 7,07

The cardboard packaging

 Information. Yay! No mineral oils and parabens!
The content
The packaging looks really basic and clean, which isn't a problem at all to me. According to the information on the packaging, the body mist claims to be enriching, which I think (if true) is very special for a body mist. The packaging is clear and gives enough information, but nothing special.
I forgot to take a picture of the ingredients (their on the bottom of the cardboard packaging), so I'll just type the most important ones out:
Aqua, Alcohol Denat., Parfum, Peg-40 hydrogenated Castor oil, Nelumbo flower extract, Hydrolyzed Silk
At this point I don't get the ingredients anymore. Tough the body mist claims to be enriching, one of the main ingredients is alcohol denat., which isn't enriching at all. But if I look further on the list, I see oil and hydrolyzed silk, which makes my skin feel soft. So I wouldn't say this body mist is exceptional enriching, but it is a nice little addition.

 The flacoon itself

 The spray cap is pretty big!
To give you an idea
The flacoon isn't to big! 60 ml is allowed on a airplane. The only information I can find about the scent is White Lotus with a hint of silk, but I also found that on the packaging. The flacoon itself is plastic and pretty strong, which is usefull because it won't be crushed in your bag. Other than that the flacoon is really basic and not special at all. Useful on the go, but not nice to display. When spraying this body mist, it spreads good and easily into the air, so you can 'walk trough it'. The scent lasts troughout the whole day, which is very good!

The scent itself is pretty 'zen' and lasts good. I can easily imagine spraying this on your pillow and falling asleep with it. Five minutes after spraying the scent becomes really subtile, which I like because I don't like a cloud of perfume around me. Since it's my testweek now, I can really use this under my test, to stay relaxed :-). I think this is a really nice refreshing and relaxing body mist. Not typically my smell, but I'm still going to use it on my pillow!

So this were my first perfume reviews! Did I forget to mention anything? Please let my know! I really hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed smelling the fragrances all day ;-)!

What is your favourite perfume/fragrance, and do you have any of these?

xXx Me

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  1. Hey, ik heb nog geen van deze gehad maar die van Therme lijkt me wel leuk, ik ga het eens proberen :)