Friday, 6 December 2013

Pure Nailpolish nr.1 & 21 Swatches and Review!

Hi Guys!
Today I'll be doing my first nail polish swatches!
When I walked pass a Douglas, I saw a bowl full of cute little nail polishes.
Of course I needed to have a look, and when I did, I saw some really nice colours.
And when I saw how cheap they were (€1,-!), I couldn't resist it anymore!
I grabbed these two polishes and ran to the cash register, and after that these two beauties were mine!
So I'll be doing a review and some swatches on nr.1 and nr.21 for you!
Hope you enjoy!

The Review!

To give you an idea of how big the bottles are

As you can see these bottles are really tiny. Really usefull for packing when you e.g. take them with you on vacation. I do have a little remark on the packaging tough: The cap has a really big diameter, which isn't usefull at all. Espicially when I'm using my non-dominate hand, the brush sometimes can't go low enough (let me explain: when a lay the cap down horizontally, my finger fits under the brush. So the brush is to high to actually reach my nails), and that can be really anoying. Not a really big point, but it would have been much better when they made the cap smaller or longer. But overall a really basic but practical packaging.



Nr.1 is a light, ocean blue colour, which reminds me a little of mermaids. This is my favourite of the two! As you can see on the picture, the polish has a slightly pearl shine, which reminds me even more of a mermaid tail with light shining on it dancing trough the seawater. It's a pitty tough these polishes only have numbers and no names, because there is enough to come up with. I wouldn't say the chosen colours are particularly unic/special, but they still look amazing! Aside from that, I'm really excited about this polish!

Nr. 21


This is a plain and clean neon pink colour. A lovely colour screaming for attention! This is not the most special colour I've ever seen, tough it's a colour I really like. The brightness was really hard to capture on camera, but these are the pictures on which the colour was captured best. A beautiful colour if you love neon, pink or both!


I decided to swatch on fake nails (I just wanted to throw this in, I wouldn't wear these fake nails in real life!), but on real nails the coverage is a lot better. On the fake nails a needed 3-4 coats, and on my real nails 1-2. So the coverage is good! The nailpolish itself isn't thick at all, and easy to work with. I'm afraid the pink colour can look a bit "cheap" on my nails (not that that is a huge problem), but that doesn't have to. I'm wearing the blue colour with the essence nail art special effect topper in 10 glorious aquarius on my nails right now, and it reminds me of the ocean even more. Somebody asked my if I had fake nails on, Which I think is a good sign for nail polish. I do have a negative remark about the polishes: They take a long time to dry! After five minutes it s only a little less liquid than when I applied them! Not a big problem when you have time to relax, but it becomes a problem when you are bussy or can't sit still. Besides that, these are amazing polishes!


  • Nice colours!
  • Budget (€1,-!)!
  • Great coverage
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to travel with
  • Cute packaging


  • Big cap
  • Not very original colours
  • Long drying time (but you could use e.g. drying spray)!
  • No names, only numbers
All with all, these are really nice polishes that I would definitly buy again!

Do you like small nail polishes?

xXx Me

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