Thursday, 5 December 2013

Essence all about matt fixing powder review!

Hi guys!
You know you can't miss it in your stash:
(Transparant) powder.
When you took 15 minutes to carfully apply your foundation and concealer,
you want to last it troughout the day.
You can use primer and setting spray, but the most popular option is powder.
Of course, when you can afford a powder of 30 euros, that's great,
but personally I like to search for budget alternatives,
so that when I use it in the morning, I can be like;
"Hahaha, this powder was only three euros!"
So to help you find a good powder that's also good for your wallet,
I'll be reviewing the Essence all about matt fixing powder for you today!
Let's start!

The review!

    Information on the back of the packaging
the content (24m)

So, to be honest with you, this is the second time I buy this powder. Not because the previous one was empty, but because of the crappy packaging. I took it with me on vacation, and of course the cap broke of. Powder all in my make-up case! The whole powder was broken into little pieces, and I was really pissed of. Other than that, the packaging looks nice to mee, and as a nice detail it his a litttle pattern in it.

 The brush with the powder on it
What the powder looks like after using it
As you can see this powder crumbles a little. This is no problem but it can get messy after a while, and throwing the powder away would be a waste, but for now it's no prolem.

This is how the powder looks on my brush. It's divided evenly, and you don't have to 'tap' it off.
 Foundation on my hand without powder
Foundation on my hand with powder
As you can see the powder evens out my skin (tone) a bit more, and it mattifies completely.
This also is a transparant powder, so it fits every skin tone. The effect is amazing! Doens't gice the pancake effect at all! 
My concealer/foundation after a day wearing the powder! The concealer lightly settled in to fine lines, but besides that, it still looks amazing!


  • Doesnt give the pancake effect
  • spare in usage
  • easy to get (in the drugstore and online)
  •  fits every skin tone
  • makes my skin more smooth 
  • essence doesn't do animal testing!
  • '


  • Crappy packaging
  • Doesn't last the whole day
All with all, this is an excelent powder which I will be using a long time!

What do you do to make your make-up last longer?

xXx Imke

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