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Essence Metal Glam Blush, Lipgloss and Gold topper review!

Hi Guys!
It's that time again: Essence brought us a new collection!
This collection -called the essence metal glam collection-,
is focused on a metal and a glamourus finish.
If you want to read all the information about this collection or maybe browse trough all the products, click here.
And as we all love essence, I decided to take the three most intersting looking products home with me!
So I picked the Essence Metal Glam Blush in 01 Glam-Me, the Essence metal glam Lipgloss in 03 Glam-me and the Essence  Metal Glam Gold topper in 01 Steel-ing the scene!
Let's get started, shall we?

The Essence Metal Glam Blush in 01 Glam-Me!

EU 2,99
Cute packaging!
 Big packaging! 
 Information and Ingredients!
 The protection...
 And opened!
So let's start with the product I was most excited about! I don't wear blush very often because my make-up can look very cakey with and powder blush and setting powder. So this product makes it a lot easier and nicer (looking)! The packaging doesn't look luxurious, but let's be honest: essence isn't a high-end brand, so it isn't that big of a problem when looking at the price you pay. In some way I even think it looks cute and playfull! Another pluspoint: Practical packaging! The blush won't open up in e.g. your make-up case and you don't need to take extra make-up brushes with you. By the way, the packaging is really big (from what I expected by looking at the pictures on the site)! All with all, quite like the packaging.

 Unblended! Looks really pigmented! Btw, you don't need this much on your face.

 Full face!
Okay, let's just start by looking at the unblended picture for a while because, wow, it looks just like liquid (rose) gold! When blended you have a beautifull peachy-rosegolden blush with a golden metallic shimmer finish. Beautiful! Not a blush screaming for attention, but a very natural one! You really don't need much: a little drop for each cheeck will do. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to get the right amount out of the packaging because it's 'soft'. So be carefull when you squeeze the product out. But when you like liquid blushes (also when you don't) and a natural finish I really recommend this blush!

Essence Metal Glam Lipgloss in 03 Glam-Me!

EU 1,99

Information + Content!
 The applicator!
Ugh... Lipgloss smudge. I hate this!
Unic applicator! You could say its kind of 'furry'.
 It also has a 'hollow' shape. Nice!
I like the packaging! It's minimalistic, but very usefull and cute at the same time. Also very nice that they show the gorgeous looking gloss trough the packaging! The applicator looks very 'furry' to me, of which I'm not if it's a good thing. It also is a bit big, which might not be helping applying the lipgloss precisely. But what's good about he applicator is that it has a hollow curve, that perfectly fits around the lower lip. I just have to say one thing: I hate the opening, because you smudge the lipgloss so easy on it. I know it is for a reason and that they can't change it, but I still don't like it ;-).

No lipgloss...
With lipgloss!
Full face!
I wouldn't say this lipgloss looks natural, but I think it just isn't that pigmented. In this case that isn't a bad thing, I think it just makes my natural lip colour come out nicer. On the swatch it looks beautiful tough! A nice peachy colour with a cold shimmer. Nice! 
Applying went pretty smooth, just be a little carefull around the edges. The lipgloss isn't sticky at all, which explains the amount of lasting hours. Sweet colour which goes perfectly with my daily look. It doesn't last that long, but other than that I really like it!

Essence Metal Glam Gold Topper in 01 Steel-Ing the Scene

EU 1,99

 One layer!
     Two layers!
 Three layers!
  Four layers!
Quick pic of when I was satisfied with the coverage. About six layers.

This really is a topcoat! The coverage is by far not enough to wear it on it's own. I decided to swatch it over my gel nails, but I really recommend using a colour under it, because this looks like rubish. I think it looks really nice as a topcoat, but on itself it's a complete misser. Besides that, I think that the effect over a coloured polish will be really cool. Maybe a good suggestion for christmas?

That was my review on these products out of the essence Metal Glam collection!
Which one do you like best?
xXx Me

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