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Maybelline New York Baby Lips Hydrate review!

Hi Guys!
You probably didn't miss the rage about Maybelline New York's baby lips.
I also couldn't miss it!
So I was super excited when these cute balms came to the Netherlands!
These balms were a huge trend in the U.S.A. and Asia,
and I don't think that's only because of the happy packaging.
When the baby lips finally went in to the stores,
I managed to take "Hydrate" (€3,49) with me!
Do I totally understand the hype or is it a complete no-go for me?

Some General Information!

Like I mentioned before, these balms are not only populair for their happy packaging, but there also well-known for there hydrating and soothing working. The Baby Lips contain Centella Asiatica, a powerfull herb that mainly grows in Asia. They already use it there for ages because of it's natural healing working. The Centella Asiatica for example stimulates the producing of collagen type 1 which contains wound and scar healing properties.

The formula of the Baby Lips also contains aloe vera (Hydrate, Freshen and Repair) or Honey (Cherry Me and Pink Punch). And they all contain Shea Butter, vitamin E, vitam C and vitamin B5. The combination of all these ingredients keeps your lips hydrated, supple and soft up until 8 hours! And besides that it protects your lips from dehydrating and the harmful influence of the sun with spf 20. There are a lot of natural ingredients in the baby lips, but they aren't 100% natural.

The ingredients!
The line up!

There are five basic baby lips. In some countries you have 'limited edition' baby lips, but it's a pitty that isn't everywhere.
  • Hydrate: (with citron and basil scent) For the sportive, confident and dare-devil women.
  • Freshen: (with mint scent) For the fresh, dynamic and active women.
  • Repair: (with cherry and almond scent) For the "Free Spirit", rebellious and independent women.
  • Cherry me: (with cherry scent and a hint of red) For the seductive and spontaneous woman.
  • Pink Punch: (passion fruit scent with a hint of pink) For the sweet and romantic women.
Enough to chose from!

The Review!

The cardboad packaging

 Spf 20!
 The reason I hate this kind of packaging...
  To give you an idea of the size (btw, I'm wearing the essence gel nails at home french manicure on my nails) 

 The balm itself!
Argh... How I hate this cardboard packaging! I know it's practical because you are shure you are the first one to use it, but still... I also think the cardboard looks kind of cheap, but you won't see that anymore when you're using it, so it isn't a problem. Besides that, the packaging provides enough information.
The packaging if the balm itself looks so happy! I really like it! It's a nice product (also because of the size) to pull out of your bag and re-apply. Little thing: You've got to be a little bit carefull the balm doesn't open up. 


First of: That Smell! Heavenly! I'm a sucker for citrus smells, so if you like that to, Hydrate is perfect for you! I would buy this product again, even if it only was for the smell.
And it really does work! It's a pitty they have mineral oil in them, otherwise they would have been perfect. I really like the feeling of the substance in my lips. Really soft and hydrating. When applying, it feels like butter gliding over your lips. I love that feeling! I did notice that I needed to re-apply often tough, unlike Burt's Bees Pomgrenate lipbalm, which I don't have to re-apply for 1-2 hours. I does keep my lips hydrated and supple, so I really understand the hype!

So what's the verdict?

  • Super annoying cardboard packaging
  • I need to re-apply
  • Can open up in your bag
  • Mineral oil
  •  €3,49
  • Nice ingredients!
  • Happy packaging
  • Hydrating, keeps my lips supple and does basically everthing it promised
  • Let my lips look healthy
  • spf 20
  • A lot of different types balm
  • Nice idea to chose a Baby Lip that suits you!
  • That smell!
So that was my review on the Baby Lips! I hope you liked it!
Which balm suits you best and why?
Don't forget to share and comment!
xXx Me


  1. thanks for the detailed review :)
    is there a review for the rest of the collection of baby lips ?

  2. thanks for the detailed review :)
    is there a review for the rest of the collection of baby lips ?