Friday, 28 February 2014

Essence All About Nude Eyeshadow (Palette) Review!

Hi Guys!
As you should know by now,
I really love essence!
I love their quality and their prices.
So when I knew this product was coming out,
I got really excited, because I absolutely adore essence's palettes!
And as the trend of naked/nude eyeshadow palettes is still going on,
I brought  the all about nude palette with me!
Is this palette for only € 3,59  rubbish,
just another amazing nude palette, or simply outstanding?

Despite the fact that the palette is made of plastic, it looks and feels really good.  I think the size and he quality of the packaging makes this a perfect palette to travel with. It's really strong and because the plastic is transparant, you can immediately see which palette and which colours you have.

So Essence promises a nice texture and different finishes. I'm excited!

Without flash 

With flash
The colour choice really reminds me of the colours in the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I love it! The pink and purple tones make this palette really different from other nude palettes. I really like the aubergine colour! As you can see the upper and lower middle eyeshadows are the most matt, however the purple colour also isn't that shiny.

 The swatches are made from left to right in this order.


 I'm very sorry, but I couldn't catch the 'big' swatches on camera focused. So the smaller ones will give you a better impression, because, wow! Not only is the pigmentation absolutely amazing, the texture is also really really nice! The colours build up easily and good. As you can see not all the colours are pigmented as well as others, but as I metioned, you can build them up very good. But to just give you a better impression I swiped the same amount of times with every colour!

This is the look I made! I used 2 over the whole moving lid, 3 in the outer corner of the moving lid and 4 in the inner corner. Then I blended 5 in the whole crease and along the outer 1/3 of the lower lashline and aplied six in the outer v and blended it towards the center of the lid. I used 1 on my browbone, inner eye corner and in the middle of the moving lid. The shadows work amazing and you can build them up perfectly! You can make a heavy look with this palette, but you can also keep it very basic. It is really good!

So, what's the verdict?

  • I've you're used to for example the Urban Decay Naked palette, you might find the packaging to low budget.
  • Not all the colours are equally pigmented
  •  € 3,59 
  • The packaging is really strong and usefull (transparant, small etc.)
  • The colour combination is really original!
  • The colours have a lot of different finishes (metallic, matt, shiny etc.)
  • The pigmentation is great!
  • The texture is amazing!
  • You can build up the colours easily, nicely and good!
  • Really versatile!
Overall, I prefer this palette over the Catrice one! It's also is really different because of the colour selection, normally you would see a lot more earth tones and not so much pink in purple. But also if you don't like those colours, this palette will be great for you!
Do own the all about nude palette?
xXx Imke


  1. Oh my, I need to get this :D Very nice review, thank you for posting :)

  2. Wow, no I don't own the All About Nude Palette but very affordable. I think this, thanks for the recommendation.
    nude eye-shadow palette