Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Skincare Products (A Skincare Guide for Starters)!

Hi Guys!
As any other girl/guy,
I can't avoid puberty.
Pimples, dry areas, shiny t-zone; we've all been there!
Of course I'm not able to make make my skin look perfect,
But I am able to control it a bit more,just by taking care of it.
And I'm sure, that if I wouldn't do anything for a better skin,
I would look like a ninty years old women now ;-).
So what are my favourite products to take care of my face,
and which products can you use best for a basic and 'starter' skincare routine?

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to claim I'm an expert in any way possible. These are my personal opinions, and I'm not trying to make any 'professinal' recommendations. Please also remember products work different on different skin types.


Let's start with the base. You can't have a nice skin without cleaning it daily!

 I always start by trying to take off my make-up as good as possible by using this Garnier make-up remover. I like to use products for sensitive skin, eyes or milk products. This is because these are less agressive and in that way better for your skin!

My face wash! Of course the make-up remover doesn't rinse off all the make-up that's on my face, so I like to use a face wash to clean up what's left and to clean my pores. This is one in a mousse form, but you also have ones with for example a gel like structure. This is my personal favourite!

After that I use a toner. I use this because I can't use face wash around my eyes, and to make sure my cream works on it's best. This is one by lush, with a lot of lavender and rose water. It's amazing! It also hydrates on it's own.


After my toner had enough time to set, I use my (day/night) cream. Gimme the moisture!

My favourite eye cream ever! Click here if you want to read my review. This is an amazing eye cream for your under-eye area, which just does a really good job at basically everything!!!

A small version of the Venus cream by Douglas. I only use this to spot-treat dry areas, because it doesn't help getting any of my pimples away ;-)!

Before I go to sleep!

Before the I turn the lights off and I'm laying in bed, I like to apply some other products. This are some quick products I use before going to sleep!

 This is a gift I once recieved from a friend from England. I think you can buy this at Boots, but I'm not 100% sure. This is a cute looking balm which keeps my lips moisturised and it prevends loose pieces of skin. I love it! (And also important: it smells very very very sweet; really like toffee)

The Body Shop Born Lippy in raspberry! It smells and works great! I like to switch this one with toffee kisses every now and then.

Who doesn't know it? I reviewed this cuticle butter a longer time ago (click here for the review) and I still love it, as you can tell from the amount of product that dissapeard out of the container! ;-)

One extra recommondation:

The Lush Toothy Tabs in Sparkle! Yes, we can't skip our teeth! These are 'pills' that you bite on, and this they change into powder which you use as toothpaste (the powder changes in to foam)! Sounds amazing right? Befor I tell how much I like this product, I gotta tell you it tastes awfull! You can taste the pepper in it really strong... Besides that, it has a great effect on my teeth! It definitely whitens my teeth and it feels like it's really good for my gums.

So that are the products I like to use to make my skin look as perfect as possible! Did I forget anything?
What kind off products do you like to use for your skin?
xXx Me

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