Thursday, 6 March 2014

Forever 21 Mini Shoplog!

Hi Guys!
Personally, I prefer 'real-life' shopping over online shopping.
Mainly because of the sizing,
the perfect (and misleading) product pictures,
and the uncontrolable product mistakes (loose dreads, stains etc.).
Despite al my dramatic fears,
I couldn't resist ordering at forever 21!
Let's see what I got and what I think of it,
Shall we?

This are all the things I ordered, their prices and the final price. As you can see, I didn't order anything extremely expensive. Let's see the products!

I ordered this tweezer just for general epilating of for example the eyebrows. Now, the tweezer looks very nice, but it absolutely doesn't work flawless. It works a lot better than the tweezer I used to use, but it still isn't very sharp and gets all of the hairs in the first try. But it definitely looks amazing, and works good enough for their price.

As all the people that know me personally will know, I'm an absolute potterhead. So when I saw these earrings, I knew I had to get them. When I recieved them, I didn't expect them to be so large (I expected regular studs), but I still think they look stunningly amazing! I know it doesn't fully match the symbol of the deathly hallows, but hey, (spoiler alert!) they broke the eldery wand after all!

I ordered this t-shirt for my dance lessons, I think it's perfects for that! It has wide cut arm gaps and no sleeves. For the price this is a really nice, cute and good sports shirt. However this tank top turns out to be a little transparant so you definitely need to wear more under it then only a sports bra ;-).

If I had to describe my personal style, I would say: Sweaters, prints, and cute. Enough reason for my to completely fall in love this sweater! I love the way this sweater looks and feels. I really like the atzec print, and this is now offcially the favourite sweater I own! It isn't even that expensive!

 The back!

Another thing I like to wear: anything 'lacy'! I also have an hour glass like figure, and I heared peplum tops are amazing for that kind of figure. So when I decided I should own one, I found this top and I didn't hesitate. I orderd all my clothes in small, however this one is a medium. I'm glad I orderd this one a size bigger, because it fits perfectly. The fabric is strechable, so I think I also could have made it into an S, but this just fits better. I really really like this top, and I think it suits me well!

My order arrived two days from the day I orderd it, the package was perfectly fine, I recieved all the forms I should (returning forms, account etc.) and the smaller items were rolled into my clothes. Forever 21 ships perfectly, I didn't meet any difficulties, so I would definitely order from forever 21 again!

So despite all the fears I had at once, online shopping turned out perfectly. I love everything I orderd!
Do you ever buy something at forever 21?
xXx Me


  1. Hey!
    I ♥ your blogposts and I love to read them!
    To answer your question; I don't buy anything on forever 21. (I actually never buy anything online ._.)
    But after this post I'll think about it; I really love the clothes.
    I don't use a lot of make-up (besides mascara) but I still love your posts!

    xXx Your biggest fan ♥♥♥
    PS I'd love it if you answer one of my questions:
    which brand is your favourite? (make-up an clothes) my favourite clothes brand is New Yorker ♥

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for your sweet comment, I really appreciate it!
      I think my favourite make-up brand is Essence, and my favourite clothing brands are Lady Sting, Forerver 21 and of course H&M ;-).
      xXx Imke