Monday, 17 March 2014

Catrice Cosmetics Camouflage Cream Review!

Hi Guys!
Recently, I used my last bit of my concealer.
I heared a lot of good things about the Catrice camouflage cream,
and I decided to try it out.
I'm not really an adventurous type on the era of make-up and I usually just stick to my favourites.
Will this concealer for €2,99 help me to get more adventurous? ;-)

This is the concealer in it's package. I don't like the packaging, because it's not hygenic. The most hygenic is a pump or squeeze system. However the texture of the concealer is to hard to be liquid plus a more complicated packaging makes the product more expensive and I think that's why it's in a pot. But besides that, the packaging and product still get dirty quick and I think there should have been a better solution for that, maybe also when adding a click-system for the lid instead of the turn-system..

These are my swatches! The first one roughly applied and the second one blended. It looks kind of orange on my pale wrist, but it blends in really good on my face. The texture feels really creamy, but I wish blending was a little easier. However I noticed while swatching that when you let it warm up on your finger for a longer time, it wil almost turn into a liquid concealer, really special!

Not a very focused picture, but most close to real life lighting (without any make-up)
  Focused, but a problem solving lighting ;-) (without any make-up)
With concealer
With the rest of my make-up (I used primer, catrice BB foundation, essence all about matt powder and the concealer under my eyes here)
Full face make-up!
I like this concealer a lot! It doesn't give a cakey effect, covers up amazingly and you can't see it at all when I'm wearing the rest of my make-up (also BB cream over the concealer). It also work great for pimples or other imperfections!

So, what's the verdict?

  • €2,99
  • You can see trough the packaging which colour you have and how much is left
  • Becomes almost liquid when in contact with skin temperature for a longer time
  • Really creamy
  • Not cakey
  • Good coverage!
  • Works good on any imperfection
  • Not a very hygenic and usefull packaging
  • When not 'melted', blending is a bit hard
  • Only three shades; a very light one is available, a very dark one isn't
  • 020 Light Beige can look a bit orange
Overall, I really love this concealer!
Did you know this concealer?
xXx Me

Ps. Also guys, I'm freaking out! I reached 10.000 views this saturday!
I just want to thank you a lot for your support, and knowing that people actually read my posts means a lot to me! I hope you will be checking me out for a longer time, and I promise I won't stop!

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