Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My Daily Make-Up Look!

Hi Guys!
Today I'll be sharing my daily make-up look with you!
I've done a post about the products I use daily,
so click here if you want to check that out.
My daily look isn't anything extraodinary,
but I still tought it would be a fun post to do!
I decided that I wouldn't make a picture of every step,
but just do a few steps, make a picture and continue like that,
because otherwise this post would take half an hour to read ;-).
I hope you enjoy!

This is my eye without any make-up! The lighting here is pretty good, but normally I really have under-eye circles. So I need to cover up those ;-). My eyebrows are prety full, but I still want to fill them in, and because they're pretty wild I need a lot of eyebrow gel. I'll also be doing some eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. Let's go!
Here I've done my brows, eyeshadow base and the dark circles. I used the same powder and BB cream that I mentioned in the daily make-up product post for my circles, but I added the catrice camouflage cream concealer (click here for my review). I just applied all the cream and liquid products with my fingers. I used the H&M smokey eye brush and the catrice powder and gel for my eyebrows.

This is my eyeshadow look for the day! It's heavier than what I wear to school, but I was going out for dinner so I made it a little darker. The only things I used that I didn't mention in the product post is the Essence all about nude eyeshadow palette (my review) and the catrice highlighter pen (which I mentioned here). I used the pen as a base on the moving lid, which works amazing! You can read in this review how I did the eyeshadow. I used the the brow powder as an eyeliner along the upper lasline. I kept it as close to the natural lasline as possible, and blended it a tiny bit. Because the colour also comes back in my brows, it looks even more natural!
Here I curled my lashes, added mascara and lined my water line. The eyes are done!
 My natural lips
For my lips I will usually go with a natural lip balm, in this case the Burt's bees one.
I normally use blush, but I didn't use it here because I have some imperfections on my cheecks, and I feel like blush, bronzer and highlighter just would accentuate those. 
Finished! All with all this make-up look takes me a bit less than twenty minutes, fifteen if I tame down the eyeshadow.

So that is my daily make-up look!
How long do you take to do your make-up?
xXx Me

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